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Discover your new favourite tools for knitting and crocheting

There’s a reason KnitPro tools are firm favourites of knitters and crocheters – they bring together rich expertise with innovative manufacturing to help you take crafting to the next level

When you’re knitting or crocheting, it’s always more enjoyable to work with good quality yarn, especially if you’re hoping to treasure your finished project for a lifetime. Equally, using professionally designed needles and hooks makes it easier to craft with greater precision, for beautiful stitches every time.

No one understands this more than KnitPro. That’s why extensive research and development goes into concepting every one of the brand’s tools. They’re then developed using innovative manufacturing processes, to create equipment that can offer advantages unlike any other on the market. What’s more, with a range of styles and collections to choose from, KnitPro has something for every crafter, whether you’re already an expert or just starting out.

So, think you could benefit from needles that are designed for maximum comfort or hooks that will allow you to achieve a Tunisian crochet with ease? Then keep reading to find out what else KnitPro can offer you.

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Substance and style

Each of KnitPro’s needle and hook collections is made using high-quality material, such as laminated birch wood, electroplated brass, carbon fibre, Japanese bamboo, natural birch and aluminium. All of those materials have their own unique benefits, which is why every KnitPro tool can offer you something different.

And, because every collection features an expansive selection of needle and hook styles –including double and single points, fixed and interchangeable circulars, cuboid-shaped needles and double ended and Tunisian style hooks – you have even more control when it comes to choosing the right tools for you.

Here are just some of the most popular collections you can buy right now…

Symfonie Needles

Symfonie Needles

The Symfonie Needles are made from densified laminated birch wood. This material is incredibly water-resistant and known for being extremely durable, so there’s no chance of warping. The strength of the birch wood allows the points to remain sharp even after extensive use, so you won’t have to replace them year after year.

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Nova Needles

Nova Needles

Nova Needles, which are made from electroplated hollow brass pipes, have a smooth surface that allow for quick and easy stitching. They’re light in weight, comfortable to hold and great to use with a variety of materials, which should make them a staple in every crafter’s cupboard.

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Basix Birch Needles

Basix Birch Needles

These Basix needles are made from hardy birch wood. Since they’re strong and durable but light to hold, they’re ideal for when you’re working with thick and chunky yarn, especially if you’re creating something large in size such as a blanket or rug.

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Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hooks

The Ginger Crochet Hooks have grooves that help prevent stitch slippage, while the smooth surface provides an effortless glide no matter what material you’re working with.

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Single Ended Silver Crochet Set

These single-ended aluminium hooks have sturdy but soft grips, which will help you to crochet faster without any extra effort. The bright and cheerful colours are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also make each different size easily distinguishable.

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Afghan Crochet Hooks

Afghan Crochet Hook

This tool is fitted with a perfectly engineered 30cm hook that allows you to achieve a Tunisian crochet with ease. The hook’s tapered neck and rounded head yields uniform rows of stitches, while the handy end cap provides a firm stop and ensures no stitches are lost.

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KnitPro storage bags


Of course, when you have all the equipment, you need somewhere safe to store it. That’s why KnitPro has a range of stylish storage solutions that will help you to keep your tools in perfect condition and transport them easily when you’re on the go.

The Joy Bags, for instance, are made with a strong canvas material that features a vibrant hand-printed design. They’re available in sizes small and large, and can be used to store a range of items, including knitting notions, patterns and notes. The handy inside pocket is a great additional feature.

The Greenery Bags kit is perfect to bring with you if you’re travelling, as it includes a range of wallet-sized needle cases and a crafting caddy, so you can store everything from circular needle tips to cables and notions. The cases fold in quarters and can be tied closed securely, while the caddy has a zipper pocket on the top plus sturdy handles which make it easy to carry.

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Collaboration is key

KnitPro develops all of its products in coordination with a panel of experts from around the world, so each item always features the latest global advancements. Indeed, KnitPro understands just how valuable collaboration can be, and that’s why it’s keen to encourage dialogue at every level. Using feedback to constantly improve upon its tools, the brand encourages all of its customers to share their thoughts, so they can better understand what works and what doesn’t.

Members of the crafting community are also able to showcase their latest projects using the online KnitPro gallery. This is a great way for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts to stay connected and is a fantastic source of creative inspiration for all visitors to the site.

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