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How a daylight lamp can totally transform your crafting

Don’t let bad lighting darken your passions! With a little help from the Daylight Company, you can let your hobbies shine bright this winter and beyond

Let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than good, natural lighting when you’re crafting. But, as the darker months roll in, a generous helping of daylight isn’t always something you can count on – that’s where the Daylight Company can help.

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Since 1987

Founded over 30 years ago by Patrick Jacquelin – an entrepreneur whose experience with silk manufacturing taught him the highest respect for craftmanship and the inherent quality of materials – the Daylight Company creates lamps, floor lights and everything in between, to enhance your crafting experience like never before.

Not only can a good daylight lamp help diminish eye strain and, quite literally, brighten your mood, but it will make it easier for you to see what you’re making, too – whether you’re reading a pattern, cross stitching similar shades or performing simple tasks like threading a needle or counting your knitting stitches.

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The bright side

For the Daylight Company, finding the perfect light for your workspace goes beyond a lamp that offers the right colour temperature and contrast qualities. It also considers the right spread of light and optimum brightness, so you can produce some of your best work yet.

Then there’s the beauty of being able to position your light exactly where you need it, with ease. After all, an artist using an easel is going to need a very different proposition to somebody working on a crocheting or sewing project! What’s more, you can enjoy style as well as substance, as each light boasts an attractive, contemporary design that will fit in seamlessly with your home aesthetic.

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A light touch

When it comes to finding the ultimate light for you, it certainly isn’t a case of one bulb fits all, though the Daylight Company’s latest offering, the Electra light, is undoubtedly one of its most impressive and versatile models yet. Slim and unobtrusive, this satin black floor light is easily positioned behind your table, sofa or armchair so you can work or hobby with complete clarity and in total comfort. When you’re not using it for crafting, you can also add more ambience to your space by switching to a warmer colour temperature at the touch of a button!

Of course, sometimes only a very specific light will do, like a Wafer Lightbox. Available in three different paper sizes (A4, A3 and A2), this nifty light is ultra-bright, slim and lightweight, and is a must-have tool for tracing on paper or fabric. It also offers an even brightness from edge to edge, which is dimmable to suit paper weight and fabric thickness, and includes a handy marking guide on the sides. If you’re into tracing, sketching, stencilling, calligraphy, drawing, embossing or scrapbooking, this really is the gadget for you!

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