Mindful lettering workshop with The Modern Calligraphy Company

Learn how to create your own beautiful calligraphy poster step by step in this mindful lettering workshop with The Modern Calligraphy Company

Mindful lettering workshop

Do you want to master a new skill in 2021? Learn how to create beautiful lettering in this relaxed online class with Kirsten Burke and Maisie Minett from The Modern Calligraphy Co. This class is brought to you by Gathered in association with our sister website CalmMoment.


Modern calligraphy is a dynamic technique, so this workshop will focus on developing your own flowing style rather than forming each letter perfectly.

This course is perfect for complete beginners or creative people looking to add another string to their bow. Kirsten and Maisie will guide you and teach you tricks to turn your hand to modern calligraphy – whatever your skills.

Whether you’re a complete beginner looking for a new skill, or a creative whizz adding another string to your bow, we will teach you the tricks to turn your hand to modern calligraphy whatever your skills.

Your professional instructors will guide you through the basics and you’ll leave the class with your own beautiful piece of calligraphy art to display in your home.

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What’s in this mindful lettering workshop?

In this class, your instructors will teach you how to:

  • Use a brush pen step by step.
  • Form calligraphy letters.
  • Create a stunning hand-lettered artwork using one of their profession templates.

Tickets for this brush calligraphy live-streamed workshop include:

  • Worksheets and templates that you can use again and again.
  • A free digital download of Modern Calligraphy magazine worth £9.99.

Your workshop kit will be posted out to you once your order is placed. An online workshop is a wonderful way to learn calligraphy, as you are able to watch your tutor demonstrate up close on your screen so that every letter stroke and movement of the pen and hand is magnified.

Tickets for this brush calligraphy live-streamed workshop include worksheets and templates that you can use again and again. Your workshop downloads will be emailed out to you after your order. All you need to already have at home is a dual nib pen. After the live stream webinar, you will receive a free digital copy of the Modern Calligraphy magazine worth £9.99 along with the workshop video to watch after the session.

Tickets are £15 each and the workshop will take place on 15th January 2021 at 1pm.

Your class hosts

Kirsten Burke of the Modern Calligraphy Co

Kirsten Burke

Kirsten Burke is a leading figure in the world of UK calligraphy, inspiring beginners, enthusiasts and professionals alike with her dynamic, modern lettering.

She pioneered the art of Modern Calligraphy, propelling an extremely traditional art form into the 21st century and popularising calligraphy as a craft again in the UK.

Kirsten has spent over 20 years developing her unique calligraphy style and sharing it with students of all levels. She has also written a series of books that teach modern calligraphy and is a regular expert contributor to lettering and craft magazines.

Kirsten still regularly leads Modern Calligraphy workshops, both in person and online, and also undertakes fine art commissions for a range of high profile corporate clients and private collectors.

Maisie Minett of the Modern Calligraphy Co

Maisie Minett

Maisie is the Master Calligrapher at the Modern Calligraphy Co headquarters, and loves sharing calligraphy with their students.

With a background in teaching, Maisie brings her energy and enthusiasm to every workshop, ensuring that all their students meet their goals – whether that is a having a relaxing, social time, or a mastering a tricky new technique.

She is an expert in helping students choose and use different tools to get a great result, whether that is watercolour, nibs, brush pens and a variety of inks, metallics and foils. Maisie is mentored by founder Kirsten and always looks forward to sharing her skills with clients and students.

Your class details

When: Friday 15th January from 1pm-2pm.

Presentation: Kirsten and Maisie will guide you through an hour-long workshop to help you develop your calligraphy skills and create a beautiful poster.

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To book your place on our mindful lettering class, simply click on the link below. Tickets are £24 per person and the price includes all of the materials that you’ll need for the class.

Click here to book now.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email explaining how to access the class on Gotowebinar. If you have any technical difficulties, please drop us a line.

System requirements

This workshop will be hosted via Gotowebinar and you will be sent an invite the day before the workshop. All you need is a PC, Mac, laptop or tablet that has video and audio capabilities and a good wifi connection. If you opt for using a smartphone, you will need a holder or somewhere to place it throughout the workshop so that your hands are free to do calligraphy and you may find it trickier to view the demonstrations at such a small size. You will need a good WiFi connection.

After the workshop, you’ll receive an email with a link to a video of the session and your digital magazine download.

Please note: Once your kit has been posted, workshop tickets are not refundable. This does not affect your statutory rights.


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