Knit the Mini Cables stitch pattern

For stand-out cushions, blankets and throws, we've got just the cable stitch for you!

Mini Cables stitch pattern

These Mini Cables are worked using an uneven cabling method. Usually, cables are worked by slipping two or so stitches onto a cable needle and then working the next two stitches from the left-hand needle, before working those two stitches from the cable needle. In this case, instead of splitting the stitches evenly into two and two, it’s three and one!


Mini Cables is a great stitch pattern for blankets, jumpers, scarves and cushions. Try working it in an aran yarn for quick progress.

To knit the Mini Cables pattern, just follow this stitch pattern to the desired length:

Mini Cables

Cast on 9 sts per cable on a background of rev st st. (Try 44 sts.)

Row 1 (RS) P8, K9, P9, K9, P8.

Row 2 K8, P9, K9, P9, K8.

Row 3 P8, Cr4L, K1, Cr4R (left pattern), P9, Cr4R, K2, Cr4L (right pattern), P8.

Row 4 As Row 2.

Repeat these 4 rows to form the pattern.


Cr4L Slip next st onto cn and hold at front. K3 from LH needle, then K1 from cn.


Cr4R Slip next 3 sts onto cn and hold at back. K1 from LH needle, K3 from cn.