Easy-Sew Christmas Tree Baubles

Give your tree a me-made update with Anna Alicia's guide to how to make your own Christmas baubles. Whip up a batch tonight with our step-by-step guide...

How to make Christmas Tree Baubles

You will need

For each bauble 

  • Fabric scraps: in a selection of plains or prints
  • Polyester fibrefill
  • Narrow ribbon: 20cm (8in)
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit


Cutting out

Step one: Download and trace the template for the bauble you want to make and cut it out. There are three shapes of bauble to choose from, so you can make just one or all three if you prefer.

Step two: Draw around the template on the wrong side (WS) of a mixture of fabrics. Choose a different fabric for each side or just alternate two colours.

You need to cut out five pieces for the oval shape, five pieces for the ball shape, and four pieces for the diamond shape.

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles step 1

Step three: Cut 5mm (14in) outside of these drawn shapes for a seam allowance. It’s easier to measure and draw this onto your fabric.

Joining the pieces

Step one: Take two of your fabric shapes in different colours, so they alternate, and place them right sides (RS) together.

Step two: Pin the two pieces of fabric together along the right-hand edge and sew along your marked line.

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles step 2

Step three: Repeat this to sew all the pieces together, joining them along the right hand edge of the shape each time.

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles step 3

Step four: When all the pieces are joined together, bring together the open edges you are left with so they are RS facing.

Step five: Pin and sew as before but leaving a 4cm (58in) turning gap at the bottom of one end.

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles step 4

Step six: Turn the bauble RS out through the turning gap and then stuff firmly.

Adding a hanging loop

Step one: Fold the ribbon in half to form a loop and tie the ends in a knot.

Step two: Tuck the knot into the opening of the bauble at the opening at the top where the points of the shapes meet.

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles step 6

Step three: Sew the opening closed by oversewing and stitch the hanging loop into place to finish the bauble.

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles step 7

Step four: Twist the top and bottom of the oval bauble gently in opposite directions to create a slight twirl.

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles step 8

This tutorial was first featured in our Christmas Makes book with issue 36 of Simply Sewing magazine. If you’d like to make all 14 projects from the book, it’s still available to download through our Digital Issues via the Simply Sewing app. See more of Anna Alicia’s designs over on instagram @aalicialondon