Me Made May community challenge

It's that time of year when our instagram feeds are filled with handmade goodness for #memademay. If you're new to Me Made May, get ready to join a huge community of fellow sewists!

Me Made May 2020

Looking for a challenge? Join in with #memademay to rediscover your handmade wardrobe.


What is Me Made May?

Me-Made-May (or #memademay2020 as it’s also known on Instagram) is an annual challenge for people who make their own clothes, launched by blogger and maker Zoe Edwards So, Jo.

The idea is to encourage makers to develop a better relationship with their handmade wardrobe, by asking them to pledge to rethink how they wear their garments throughout the month of May.

Me Made May 2020
@misseleanorruth is sporting her Rosie dress for #memademay on Instagram.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only made one skirt ever or have a wardrobe bursting at the seams – everyone can set their own individual pledge. The challenge aims to get you to wear your me-mades more often and more thoughtfully – to learn some useful lessons about yourself, your style, your body, your creativity along the way.

What started as a solo project has grown into an annual phenomenon, with sewists, knitters, crocheters and refashioners all wearing their handmade wardrobes with pride. If you like the sound of it, it’s not too late to sign up for the 2020 challenge. Remember this is not a photography competition – or an instagram photo challenge – so don’t be daunted!

Your pledge can be as simple or tricky as you want it to be, but it’s a great opportunity to move beyond your comfort zone or level up how you wear the garments you have spent hours crafting.

The goal should be to think about your relationship with what you create. Find out more about Me Made May on Zoe Edwards’ Instagram @sozoblog. 

Me Made May 2020 Melody Mae
Melody Mae’s self drafted black dress for #memademay

Me-Made May: your highlights

We shared this collection of our favourite Simply Sewing patterns that you all made for previous year’s Me Made Challenge in this post, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve made from Simply Sewing magazine cropping up for this year’s Me Made May event. Here are a few of our favourite reader makes.

Me Made May Zoe Dress parttimeknitter

@parttimeknitter sewing all the summer vibes in her floral Zoe dress.

Me Made May Sophia Dress Pascaline Piot

@pompomdumonde – Pascaline Piot, founder of, has been saving this Liberty fabric for 4 years, waiting for the right pattern! We’re so happy she chose the Sophia dress from issue 42.

Me Made May Daisy Dress cazzie_young

@cazzie_young has adjusted our Daisy dress pattern to add a three quarter circle skirt and lace zip.

Me Made May dress sewslowsarah

Sarah Parry – aka @slowsewsarah shares her adventures in dressmaking in Glasgow and blogs at Here’s her Overture set top from Storybook Patterns from issue 20.

Me Made May Alice Dress @she_made_it_sew

Cool colour combos (we can never resist duck egg and mustard) from @she_made_it_sew for her version of the Alice dress from issue 38.

Me Made May bell sleeves kathleenmurch

Sleeves swoon! @kathleenmurch is rocking the Mia Top complete with bell sleeves

Me Made May bea blousecham.west_

@cham.west showing off her Bea Blouse, looking good layered with a faux leather jacket.

Me Made May Stephanie Harper

Stephanie Harper also showing strong sleeves game – with her version of the Adele dress.

Me Made May Crystal Sews Stuff

Awesome take on the Frill Came top by @crystalsewsandstuff – she’s paired it with Burda Style bottoms for what started life as a party outfit (but her husband thinks it looks like velvet PJs). Check out Crystal’s YouTube channel for more of her makes!

Me Made May Stephanie O dyer

Stephanie O’Dea @lynn.odea is rocking her Jade dress – she only started sewing with knits this past year.

Me Made May Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes shared her version of the Cotton & Chalk Rosie dress, paired with a blue cardi. Read more about her sewing journey over at


Find a new pattern for Me Made May

Follow our tutorial to learn how to make a face mask: 3 ways to sew your own to make your own DIY face masks! Fancy having a go at making your own clothes? Try our easy wrap skirt pattern or discover 9 of the best pinafore dress sewing patterns.