DIY cardigan clips

DIY cardigan clips tutorial so you can make every outfit beautiful!

DIY cardigan clips

“We are Vicky and David, or Vivid Please when we are together. We love to create quirky and curious products as we are quite quirky and curious ourselves. A lot of our inspiration comes from our love of vintage couture and retro objects. We tend to fall in love with an item or idea and try to come up with a modern twist to fit into our lifestyles.

Being obsessed with 50s fashion, I’ve always had a crush on cardigan clips as they are so quaint and delicate. Super happy to see these things back on trend, I decided to create a pair that would perk up my outfits without costing a bomb! We don’t believe you have to spend a fortune to get what you want, you just have to be a little more creative. A pair of clip-on earrings, an old chain bracelet and five minutes and you have yourself your new favourite accessory… We hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This tutorial will take you less than five minutes to finish and makes use of those old accessories that you don’t use any more.”

Make your cardigan clips

You will need:

• Old clip-on earrings
• A chain bracelet
• Small length of chain
• Two pairs of pliers

Total time:

Step 1

DIY cardigan clips step 1a

The first step is to pop those rubber plugs out of the clip-on earrings. The great thing about this tutorial is that if you change your mind and want your old stuff back you can just put it all back together again. So you may want to keep these somewhere safe for a rainy day.

Step 2

DIY cardigan clips step 2

To dismantle your bracelet, you will need to open each of the rings (jump rings) attaching each element and remove the parts you don’t need. For instance, I won’t need the lobster clasp to hold the bracelet closed and I won’t need the words.

Hold the ring with a set of pliers in one hand to keep it steady. Use the second pair of pliers to twist it open by pushing it away from you. This is the best way to open jump rings without the risk of them snapping, ensuring they will sit properly when closed again. Never pull them apart. See the picture below.

Step 3

DIY cardigan clips step 3

At each end, you will need to attach the clip-on earrings. Simply open the jump ring and pop it in beside the chain and close it again. The best place the jump ring is through the hole where we took out those old rubber plugs. There they will be hidden and secure.


Now all you need is pick an outfit where you can sport your cardigan clips!

Vivid Please has a great bank of crafty tutorials, which are well worth a look if you’re feeling creative. Or check out their range of quirky and kitsch products over at the Vivid Please Etsy shop. That ‘Make and Do’ notepad is making its way onto our Christmas lists, for sure.