Craft your own spectacular DIY tree topper

Give your tree a festive flourish with Claire Hill’s starburst DIY tree topper

DIY tree topper

Make your tree shine this December by crafting your own starburst DIY Christmas tree topper.

There’s something deeply satisfying about bending the wires into shape to make a DIY tree topper, and you might discover a whole new hobby.

This colourful wire tree topper is strong enough to be reused year after year – and you can choose festive colours to match your decorations.

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How to make a DIY Christmas tree topper


If you make a mistake with the craft wire, tightly coil it around a glass, or a can of furniture polish or hairspray. This will make the wire as good as new so you can use it again.


You Will Need

  • Wire coat hangers (2)
  • 1mm aluminium craft wire (approximately 25m in total in different colours)
  • 2mm aluminium craft wire, for the words
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper
  • Pliers with a wire-cutter function

Step 1

Shaping the base stars

To create the two base stars, remove the hooks from the two hangers with wire cutters.

Using pliers, bend one of the hangers into a star shape, measuring 6cm for each side as you go.

Leave any remaining wire at the length it is, as this will become the topper which attaches to the tree.

For the second star, bend the remaining hanger in the same way, but make sure the first and last lines are approximately 9cm, which will give you enough excess wire to secure the star into shape. Do this by bending the wire around the end point. Trim any excess wire.

DIY tree topper step 1

Step 2

Securing the stars in place

To secure the stars, place the second star (without topper piece) on top of the first star.

Cut three pieces of your 1mm aluminium craft wire around 5cm long, and use this to tie the stars together. This is important, as when you begin to attach the starbursts, the stars like to move about!

DIY tree topper step 2

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Step 3

Bending the starbursts into shape

Now to make the bursts. Cut 42 pieces of 1mm wire into 50cm sections. Ours uses seven different colours, so six pieces of each colour.

Starting at an inner corner of one star, fold a piece of 1mm wire in half and twist it around the corner, heading in a straight line to the opposite point of the same star.

As you approach the inner corner of the other star, wrap the wire around the corner and continue twisting.

Do the same twisting action when you arrive at the point of the star and keep twisting until the entire piece is used up (you will trim them into a more uniform look later).

Step 4

Creating the radiating starbursts

Continue twisting the pieces of wire around the stars in this way. Every corner and point should have wire attached between them, with bursts radiating out.

You will find that the wire begins to double up, and that’s great – this gives substance to the centre of the star.

As you move around the points of the star, you will also need to wrap and twist around the centre point, too.

Step 5

Building up the bursts

Next, add extra bursts – one either side of each star point. This is a fiddly bit, but it gives the topper more impact.

Continue until you are happy with the arrangement of the bursts and then measure 5cm from the edge of the star to the tip of the burst, and trim. Do this for all bursts, straightening them by pulling them gently outwards.

Add some curls to the ends of the bursts, by bending the tips over with your pliers.

Step 6

Curl wonderful wire letters

Lay your topper onto a blank piece of paper and mark the edges of the widest points. Remove the topper and write a word in between the two marks.

We chose ‘Joyful’, as it’s easy to make with wire, due to the cursive nature of its letters. Sketch out your words and use this as a template, using your 2mm wire to create the word in wire.

Once complete, attach it to the topper using any remaining 1mm wire.

Finally, using your pliers, curl the long piece of wire on the first star into a spiral to place on top of your Christmas tree.


DIY tree topper

Craft a DIY Christmas tree topper to make your tree shine

Spread festive joy over the holidays with this shimmering DIY tree topper!

This magnificent design is simple enough for beginners to attempt – and you can even match the wires to suit your Christmas colour scheme.

This is a fabulous Christmas craft for cold wintry days when you need a little colour to brighten your life.

Your finished DIY tree topper is durable enough to be used every year – and it’ll soon become a family favourite!

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