Geometric weaving wall hanging

Start weaving without a loom using Victoria Haynes' free tutorial.

weaving without a loom finished set up

Woven wall hangings make us happy, especially when they tap into our love for geometric shapes and soft pastel shades.

If you want to craft your own but don’t have a loom, try this version and weave patterns in and out of a simple crochet panel instead. Once you’ve got the hang of it, experiment with different shapes like squares or diamonds, or get creative with your colour combinations – neons, anyone?

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Follow the steps to make a background crochet panel, then use this as a base to weave on to.


  • Rico Creative Cotton Aran, 100% cotton, 50g/85m per ball, two balls in White (80) (Yarn A)
  • DMC Natura Just Cotton XL, 100% cotton, 100g/75m per ball, one ball each in Grey (12) (Yarn B), Pink (41) (Yarn C), Cream (03) (Yarn D), Blue (73) (YarnE)
  • 3.5mm (UK 9, US E/4) crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Wooden dowel
  • Scissors


21 sts and 10 rows to 10cm (4″)

Abbreviations (UK)

st(s) stitch(es)
ch chain
dc double crochet

Finished size

Approx. 18 x 100cm (71/8 x393/8″)

Weaving without a loom


You Will Need

  • Cotton
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors

Total time:

Making the crochet panel

Step 1

weaving without a loom step 2
weaving without a loom step 1
Foundation Using Yarn A, ch66 Row 1 1dc in 2nd ch from hook (ch missed does not count as st), 1dc in each remaining ch to end, turn [65 sts]

Row 2 ch1 (does not count as st), 1dc in each st along, turn [65 sts]

Repeat Row 2 until you have a total of 45 rows and the whole piece measures 18cm. Fasten off and weave in the ends, then block to a neat shape. Turn your work sideways so the rows are vertical.

Weaving the design

Step 1

Cut a piece of Yarn B long enough to cover the width of the panel three times and thread through your needle.

Step 2

weaving without a loom step 2a
Leaving a small gap at the bottom, weave the thread across the work behind every other vertical stitch, three stitches at a time. This prevents the yarn from getting tangled.

Step 3

Once you reach the other side, feed the yarn through to the wrong side, move up a row and repeat step 2, this time weaving behind the opposite stitches to before.

Step 4

weaving without a loom step 4

weaving with out a loom step 4a
Repeat step 3 to give three rows of Yarn B, then change to Yarn C and work five rows as before.

Step 5

Change to Yarn D and work two rows as before.

Step 6

weaving without a loom step 5

Change to Yarn E and begin a triangle by working a row as before. To form the triangle shape, start each row one column width shorter than the previous row and continue until you reach the tip.

Step 7

Change to Yarn C and repeat step 6.

Step 8

Change to Yarn D and work three full rows.

Step 9

Change to Yarn B and work a smaller triangle on the left hand side using the same method, starting with a row that is half the width of the piece. Repeat on the right to give two mini triangles.

Step 10

Continuing in Yarn B, work a third triangle that has its base between the two tips of the previous triangles.

Step 11

Change to Yarn E and work four full rows.

Step 12

Change to Yarn D and work two full rows.

Step 13

Change to Yarn C and work five full rows.

Step 14

Change to Yarn B and work five full rows.

Step 15

weaving without a loom step 15

Turn your hanging over and thread the loose ends underneath the weaving rows to hide them.

Step 16

weaving without a loom step 16
To make your tassels, take two 44cm (17 /8″) pieces of Yarn A, hold them together and fold them in half. Thread the looped end through your needle, then weave it from front to back through the bottom of your work. Remove the needle, thread the ends through the loop and pull tight. Repeat until the bottom is covered in tassels, then trim to neaten.

Step 17

weaving without a loom step 17
Place the dowel at the top of the hanging. Thread your needle with a length of Yarn A, then stitch the dowel and the wall hanging together. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Step 18

weaving without a loom wall hanging
To hang, tie a piece of Yarn A onto one side of the dowel, then repeat for the other side. Fasten off and weave in the ends.
weaving with out a loom finished peice

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Victoria Haynes

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