How to make a rainbow sun catcher

This cheery project will brighten up windows and is a great kids craft activity.


Children love a bright and colourful rainbow (and of course us adults too), so we’ve made this simple rainbow sun catcher tutorial that you can easily make with just some basic supplies. It creates a fab stained window effect, and you can be as neat or messy as you like with it (so it’s great for making with both toddlers and older children), then once you’re done just pop it in your window with some blue tack!

How to make a rainbow sun catcher


You Will Need

  • Card (2 sheets), A4 black card
  • Contact paper
  • Tissue paper, several colours
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, white
  • Large circular plate
  • Small cup
  • PVA glue, optional

Step 1

Place a large plate so it lies half on top of a sheet of A4 black card to create a semi-circle shape and trace around the edge to create the outer rainbow shape.

tracing around the plate
Create your rainbow frame by tracing around the plate

Step 2

Now repeat with a small cup in the centre of the bottom edge to create the rainbow shape.

tracing around the cup to create the inner arc
Now do the same with the cup to create the inner edge

Step 3

Repeat to make 2 rainbows and then cut them out.

repeat to create another rainbow frame

With adult supervision, cut out the inner space within each rainbow using scissors to leave a black card outline of the outside of the rainbow x 2.

cutting out the inner area

Step 4

Take a sheet of sticky transparent contact paper and stick one of the rainbows on top of it.

sticking the rainbow to transfer paper

Then cut off the excess sticky transparent contact paper.

cut out the rainbow

Step 5

Take a few sheets of brightly coloured tissue paper and snip them into small squares. Kids will love helping with this bit with child-friendly scissors. Don’t worry about being too neat. You can go large and scrappy for younger children or cut small, precise squares if older children want to try a mosaic effect.

snips of coloured tissue paper

Step 6

Stick the tissue paper squares to the contact paper sticky inside area of your rainbow to fill it in with colour.

stick the tissue paper to the rainbow

add different coloured bands

fill the rainbow to the edges

Step 7

Trim around the edges of the rainbow to remove any bits of tissue paper that overhang the outline.

trim the edges of the rainbow

Step 8

Optional – Use PVA glue to stick the second black outline to the back of your rainbow for a neat finish.

stick the second frame to the back

Step 9

Use blue tack or tape to stick your rainbow your window.

stick the rainbow to a window

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