How to make a sock bear

Fish those odd, unloved socks out of the drawer and upcycle them into Amber Van Andel’s roly poly sock bear.

how to make a sock bear

Maybe you were the not-so-lucky recipient of a bumper pack for Christmas, or perhaps you’ve got spares in the draw whose other half you cannot for the life of you track down. Liberate those poor, unloved socks by giving them a second life in the form of a soft, squishy bear toy – with a little personalisation he’d make a sweet Valentine’s love token, and we’re sure kids will love cuddling him too.

If by some freak occurrence you don’t have any spare socks right now, buy some pure wool work socks for the main body (you only need to use one of these for each toy so you can make two!), and a thinner, smaller decorative pair for the jumper.

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  • One large thick wool work sock
  • One printed sock
  • Scissors
  • Tiny piece of black felt for the nose
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Needle and thread
  • Beans for weight (optional)

How to make a sock bear


You Will Need

  • Socks
  • Thread
  • Needle

Total time:

Step 1

how to make a sock bear step1
Cut both socks in half as shown. You’ll be using the foot part of the wool sock and the upper part of the decorative sock

Step 2

Hem the decorative sock using zig zag stitch.

Step 3

how to make a sock bear step3

Machine stitch the bear shape template on page 100 onto the wool sock using zig zag stitch. Sew through both layers.

Step 4

how to make a sock bear step4

Snip away the excess around the seams. Put the toe to one side – this will become your snout.

Step 5

how to make a sock bear step5

Stuff the shape you just made. If you want, put some beans in the bottom to help the bear stand.

Step 6

how to make a sock bear step6

Pin the heel closed.

Step 7

how to make a sock bear step7

Slipstitch the bottom closed, tucking in the rough edges.

Step 8

how to make a sock bear step8

Pinch all the fluff from the top corners of the wool sock and pin diagonally across to create your bear’s ears.

Step 9

how to make a sock bear step9

Hand stitch a straight line across the pin lines

Step 10

how to make a sock bear step10

Pull the thread to create a rounded ear and tie a knot in the end to secure.

Step 11

how to make a sock bear step11

Take the sock toe you put to one side in Step 4 and pin in place to create a snout.

Step 12

how to make a sock bear step12

Trim the excess then slipstitch the snout in place, tucking the rough edges under as you go.

Step 13

how to make a sock bear step13

Sew the felt nose in place.

Step 14

how to make a sock bear step14

Embroider the eyes using black embroidery thread or doubled-up regular sewing thread.

Step 15

how to make a sock bear step15

Pinch the sides to create the arms, then sew in place.

Step 16

how to make a sock bear back view
how to make a sock bear
If you want, add a scarf to keep your little bear extra cosy. Choose an old jumper or another sock that coordinates with your toy, then measure 2.5 times around the

length of your bear’s neck. Cut a strip from the jumper or sock 5cm (2″) wide, and the length you just measured. Fold in half lengthwise, RS together. Sew around the edges leaving a gap, then turn RS out. Wrap around the bear how you want and add a few hand stitches to secure it in place.

Add extra embellishments such as buttons or lace, or maybe stitch a motif personal to the bear’s intended owner.


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