How to make an upcycled bird feeder

Turn tea time into feeding time with this vintage table-top bird feeder that will be popular with gardeners, bird lovers and upcycling fans alike.

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This 30-minute bird feeder is a clever double upcycle that’s quick and cheap to make. The teacup and saucer were an online steal at 50p, and the bud vase base cost just £1 from a charity shop.

Look for tea sets with hairline cracks or chips to add to the vintage feel, plus they are much cheaper to buy than ones in mint condition. If you’re looking for a side hustle, garden gifts are popular sellers and this unusual feature will be a real talking point. Here’s a top tip if you’re looking to sell: include a sachet of bird seed for last-minute craft stalls or extra stock for your recycling shop.

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How to make an upcycled bird feeder

You will need

  • Cup and saucer
  • Small glass bud vase
  • Extra strong glue suitable for glass and ceramic

Step 1

Give the cup, saucer and bud vase a good wash in hot soapy water to remove any residue. Leave it to dry thoroughly. 

Step 2

Apply glue around the base of the cup and stick it to the middle of the saucer. Leave it to dry thoroughly – depending on the type of glue used it could take several days, so check the instructions. 

Step 3

Place the bud vase upside down on a table and apply glue around the bottom. Stick the cup and saucer on top and press firmly in place. Leave to dry. If you don’t have a vase that you want to use – an upturned flower pot is a brilliant alternative – and looks great in the garden.

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Step 4

Find somewhere outside where little birds will be able to safely eat from the feeder – perhaps in sight of the house, or away from the usual haunts of Tiddles the cat.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial on how to make an upcycled bird feeder. If you like birding, why not make a DIY birdhouse or check out our upcycling projects for more brilliant inspiration. You could learn how to make a bug hotel or track your planting using a garden journal with these great tutorials from Gardens Illustrated.