How to make rainbow earrings

Learn how to make these colourful cluster rainbow earrings with our free step-by-step tutorial!

How to make rainbow earrings - close up

We love these colourful rainbow earrings! If you’re looking to turn a profit on your crafts, get them right and accessories can be the just thing for growing profits – makes that retail around £10 are the perfect price point for gifts and are an affordable buy for people who are looking to treat themselves.

Dorothy Woods rainbow earrings cheerfully embrace rainbow shades and will add a flash of colour to your outfit. Cluster earrings are quick and easy to make so you can soon whip up a pair for yourself, or even a whole collection for your craft stall. Try making a few pairs in muted colour combos as well, to increase your range and appeal to the colour-shy shopper, too.

These DIY rainbow earrings are easy to learn how to make and once you’ve learnt the technique, it’s just a case of deciding which colour combo to go for!

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To make these rainbow earrings you will need:

  • 6mm fire polish glass beads: eight each in:
    • Red
    • Fuchsia
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Violet
  • 12cm (4¾in) of 3mm (⅛in) links gold-plated rollo chain
  • 29 gold-plated headpins
  • 2 x gold-plated earring wires
  • Jewellery tools

How to make rainbow earrings


5cm (2in) drop, excluding earring wires


Step 1

How to make rainbow earrings

Cut the gold-plated rollo chain in half to make two equal lengths. Open the loop on an earring wire and attach it to the top link. Pick up the four red beads on headpins. Bend each headpin over at right angles directly above the bead, trim to 7mm, then use round-nose pliers to create a loop.

Step 2

How to make rainbow earrings

Open one loop with snipe-nose pliers and attach to the second link down from the top of the chain. Close the loop again. Open another loop and attach to the other side of the same link. Add the two other red beads to the next chain link down from the top.

Step 3

How to make rainbow earrings

Continue making bead dangles with coloured beads and headpins, four at a time, so that the colours follow the order of the colours of the rainbow. Attach two fuchsia bead dangles in each of the next two links and then attach two orange bead dangles in the following two links.

Step 4

How to make rainbow earrings

Continue adding four yellow, four green, four blue and four violet bead dangles to the chain. Snip the chain across the third link down from the last link used to attach beads in the chain. Make a bead dangle using the drop bead and attach it to the end link. Make a second earring to match.

Congratulations – you have made a pair of rainbow earrings!

How to make rainbow earrings

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