Rug hooking wall hanging

Retro rug hooking meets modern brights in Stephanie Fradette’s bold wall hanging.

rug hooking wall hanging

Say hello to our newest craft obsession – rug hooking. Modern loopy projects are emerging all over the shop, and this geometric hoop is an easy way to experiment with this statement trend.

Gather an armful of your brightest yarns and have a play with a simple technique that creates the most satisfying touchy- feely texture, and adds fuzzy warmth and colour to your walls.

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  • 30 x 30cm (117/8 x 117/8″) white hessian fabric. Chunky yarns, 20g of each in pink, blue, yellow and orange
  • Needle punch rug tool
  • 2mm (UK 14, US B/1) crochet hook
  • 20cm (77/8″) embroidery flexi hoop
  • Hot glue gun
  • Marker pen

Rug hooking wall hanging


You Will Need

  • needle punch rug tool
  • Crochet hook
  • glue gun

Total time:

Step 1

rug hooking wall hanging step 8
Secure the hessian fabric in the embroidery hoop, then transfer the template from issue 88 to the wrong side (WS) of the hooped fabric using the marker pen.

Step 2

rug hooking wall hanging step 1

Using the crochet hook, thread the end of the yellow yarn through the centre of the needle punch tool, from top to bottom, then through the eyelet outwards.

Step 3

rug hooking wall hanging step 5

The end of the yarn should be sticking out approximately 3cm (11⁄4″) from the needle punch, as shown. Don’t cut the yarn, as it can be fed through directly from the yarn ball. Adjust the needle punch tool to the third notch from the top; this will give loops approximately 1cm (3/8″) long.

Step 4

rug hooking wall hanging step 4
To begin punching, push the needle punch through the WS of the fabric on any marked shape outline, and pull the tail
of the yarn through to the right side (RS), leaving a loose end of approximately 3cm (11⁄4″), as shown.

Step 5

rug hooking wall hanging step 11

Turn the hoop over to the WS. Take the needle punch out slowly and glide the needle tip at 45° along the line for approximately 0.5cm (1⁄4″), while keeping the open side of the needle punch facing in the direction you’re working. If you’re right-handed, this will be from right to left.

Step 6

rug hooking wall hanging step 6

Punch through again until the base of the handle touches the fabric, then lift it up gently and drag the needle forward. Check there is no looseness between the yarn and the tip of the needle. Also, make sure the yarn leading into the tool is slack, otherwise the loops won’t form properly.

Step 7

rug hooking wall hanging step 12

Continue punching to the end of the line. To change direction, keep the needle in the fabric and rotate the needle. The opening will now be facing in the new direction.

Step 8

rug hooking wall hanging step 10

Punch the outline of the shape first, then start filling it in by either coiling inwards or going back and forth. The rows should sit neatly side by side. Don’t jump over stitches – it’s better to end at that point and start in a new spot.

Step 9

rug hooking wall hanging step 3

To end a colour or shape, punch in the last stitch, turn the hoop to the RS with the needle punch still in it, then pull the yarn gently away from the needle. Cut the yarn a little longer than the loops.

Step 10

rug hooking wall hanging step 2

Complete all the shapes using the image as a colour guide, or using your own colourway, until the entire hoop is covered with yarn. Keep the fabric on the hoop taut at all times; it will give a much smoother punching experience.

Step 11

rug hooking wall hanging step 9

To tidy up the completed piece, snip any long ends on the RS of the hoop to the same height as the loops. Longer loops can also be cut down. Using a needle or similar, poke any loops that have tangled up during the punching process back to their intended place.

Step 12

rug hooking wall hanging step 7

To neaten the back, apply hot glue around the inner edge of the WS and push the fabric down in a circular motion. Trim off any excess fabric to finish, as shown.


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