Scandinavian Christmas star garland

Make your own scandinavian christmas star garland to decorate your tree with.

scandinavian christmas star

An easy but beautiful Scandinavian-inspired star garland project for you today, perfect for Christmas!

More red, blue and white love for you, Scandi fans! The fabulous Ez from Creature Comforts is here today to share this gorgeous take on a Christmas garland with us. Over to you, Ez.

This project was inspired by the sweet simplicity of Scandinavian holiday decor and I really love how it turned out. You can hang these vertically, drape them horizontally, or even use them to adorn gifts! I hope you’ll have as much fun making these as I did (maybe you’ll even make extras to give as presents).
Creature Comforts

You will need:

  • LaDoll Premier Light Weight Stone Clay – I purchased my clay from a local Michael’s craft store, but it is also available online here, and here.
  • Rolling pin (nonstick) – You can also use your hands to flatten your clay for a less uniform, more handmade look.
  • Mini star cookie cutter – I used the insert of a linzer cookie cutter for my garland, but you can use any size cookie cutter you’d like. The clay in this project dries very light weight and will lend itself well to a wide variety of sizes.
  • Sequins (optional) – available at craft stores.
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks – I used the hot variety, but I recommend the low heat varieties for safety reasons.
  • Baker’s twine / twine – Baker’s twine can be found just about everywhere online these days (a quick google search should give you plenty of options). Alternately you can use embroidery thread, ribbon, twine, or even dental floss.
  • Covered work surface – I used the waxed side of butcher paper to roll out my clay and work on.

Scandinavian Christmas star garland


You Will Need

  • Clay
  • Cookie cutter
  • glue gun

Total time:

Step 1

scandinavian christmas star step 1a

Roll out a small amount of your clay on your covered work surface until it is smooth and the desired thickness is achieved (there is no right or wrong thickness for this project).

Step 2

scandinavian christmas star step 2

Using your cookie cutter begin punching out your shapes. Set them aside and allow to dry. This should take anywhere from 8-24 hours depending upon the thickness of your cut shapes.

Step 3

scandinavian christmas star step 3

scandinavian christmas star step 5

Once your stars are dry, plug your hot glue gun in and let it heat up. Once heated, apply a tiny dot of glue to the back of a star and place your twine through the middle of it.

Step 4

scandinavian christmas star step 6

While the glue is still hot carefully set a sequin on top of the glue/twine and press down lightly to adhere. Repeat this process spacing your stars as far apart from one another as you’d like. Be sure to leave a decent length of twine at both ends for hanging. Your garland will tangle easily so I recommend wrapping it gently around a piece of cardboard (cut a notch at the top and bottom of the cardboard for your garland ends to lock onto).

Now you’ve completed your Scandinavian Christmas star garland why not use your leftover clay to make these mini salt spoons and DIY coasters?

scandinavian christmas star step 8

Your Scandinavian Christmas stars (or modified versions of this project) can be used to embellish special holiday gifts too (you can even write or paint on this clay once it has dried)! Experiment with other cookie cutter shapes to make unique gift tags and embellishments…or even ornaments for your tree! xo Ez

scandinavian christmas star step 9

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