How to make Christmas tree decorations from buttons

Before you ditch old, worn-out clothes, nab the buttons off them and make these cute DIY Christmas tree decorations!

How to make Christmas tree decorations out of buttons

There’s something about the colourful, tactile and functional qualities of buttons that lead many of us to be unable to part with them, even long after they’ve been separated from their original garment!

Whether you’ve got a few spare buttons hidden at the bottom of a sewing box, or jars brimming with a brightly coloured collection, we’ve got just the project to help you give them a new lease of life. From simple snowmen to a cheerful wreath, these designs make lovely decorations for gift boxes and tags, as well as your Christmas tree!

Whatever shape, size or shade your buttons are, you can get reallycreative and come up with some festive designs for matching cards as well. It’s a quick and easy project, so bring the family together and get everyone crafting this Christmas.

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DIY Christmas tree decorations

You Will Need

  • Buttons
  • Twine

Step 1

For this quick and easy Christmas tree decoration tutorial, we’re going to show you how to make a mini Christmas tree with green buttons. So first, select ten green buttons of different sizes, and arrange them largest to smallest.

Create a trunk by threading three or four brown buttons together – make sure they are smaller than the largest green button.

DIY Christmas tree decorations

Step 2

Once you’ve threaded the trunk, start adding your green buttons – largest to smallest – to create your tree shape. Finish by tying a knot at the top, leaving enough spare thread for the next step.

DIY Christmas tree decorations

Step 3

Thread a star-shaped button from back to front and adjust the thread so that the star stands upright. Finally, create a loop, so you can hang your finished decoration onto your Christmas tree. And that’s it! Quick and easy – we love it.

DIY Christmas tree decorations

If you have a selection of buttons left over, why not make this adorable mini-wreath for your tree? Just thread on a string of buttons, loop together and finish with a bow. The hardest part will be deciding which colour combo to go for!

Make a mini wreath out of buttons