What’s your craft personality type?

Are you a dabbler? A stash magpie? Perhaps you're 100% smitten with your craft of choice, never to be tempted by another? Find your crafty tribe of like-minded makers with our craft personality test!

Crochet manala pattern

Forget the Myer’s-Briggs personality test! We’re here to get to the bottom of your true nature: what type of maker are you? We’ve designed this test to basically find your craft spirit animal – are you a magpie who flits from new craft to new project constantly and lives to find new DIY ideas on TikTok, or are you a staunch loyalist who loves your favourite craft and lives, breathes and immerses yourself in it? (Whether that may be knitting, crochet, cross stitch or any method of making!).


Take our quiz and find out your craft tribe – we should add, this is just for fun – there is no scientific basis to this whatsoever but we’ve all had a bit of a tough year and this is the kind of distraction we all need in our lives!!


Happy Christmas and New Year to you all from team Gathered