Oliver Pyle

Oliver is an established and successful landscape artist working exclusively in watercolour. Based in Sussex, his work is to be found in collections across the country and internationally, represented by six UK galleries, including his own gallery, The Mulberry Tree Gallery in Dorset. Oliver teaches watercolour and painting techniques through workshops and demonstrations, his regular YouTube tutorials, and is a regular contributor of articles to a range of publications in the UK and the USA. Since 2017 Oliver has been supported by Daler Rowney and his work outdoors and in the studio can be followed on social media and his blog - ‘Our Landscape.’ Through Oliver’s paintings we explore the impact of light, the weather, the seasons and how these combine to achieve paintings that are evocative and full of impact; “As a landscape artist my inspiration comes from immersing myself in the outdoors – the heathland, the cliff top, the woodland - where light, smells, sounds, and textures all combine to deliver an outstanding sensory experience - let's call it 'atmosphere' if you like. My aim is never to simply describe or illustrate a scene, rather to create a painting that provides an experience of the place. The natural landscape in the UK is stunning and intriguing and my ambition is to capture my experiences in it for the viewer, with as little abstraction or embellishment as possible - beauty should be allowed to speak for itself!

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