Meet Yarn and Colors

We take a closer look at Dutch yarn brand Yarn & Colors

Rainbow yarn colours

It’s always interesting when a new yarn enters the market, but although you may have seen their super-cute mini balls and stylish labels, you may not know the interesting origins behind the Yarn and Colors brand. We catch up with their owner Koen to get the story.


Yarn and Colors was founded to colour the market. We want to make a difference by launching a brand with colourful and well thought-out yarn ranges.”

26 year-old Koen hails from the Netherlands, which is where the brand is based. It’s perhaps not surprising that Koen was drawn to yarn, he grew up around wool as his mother owns the biggest yarn store in the Netherlands. After joining her and working in the store for five years he had enough information and experience for his very own startup. So, he quit his job and from there the adventure began.


“Colour is what lies at the heart of this brand, it was something that was evident from the start. There is nothing more difficult than finding that exact colour for your project”. The first thing that Koen wanted to do was to introduce a unique colour range. “With lots of love and care we have created a colour range of 100 different shades, forming the foundation of Yarn and Colors. All our yarn ranges are based on this colour palette, creating an assortment where not only colours can easily be combined, but the different yarns can be effortlessly mixed too.”


The second priority was to look for real must-haves in the market of wool and yarn. “We wondered, what are the yarns that everyone longs for? So we gathered a team of professional knitting and crochet designers, and conclusions were drawn pretty quickly: a 100% mercerized cotton in 50 gram balls. Our first yarn, the Yarn and Colors Must-have, was established”. But they didn’t stop there, “Sometimes you have those tinier projects, asking for a little bit more flexibility.” The answer to this question was the basis of creating their second yarn, the Must-have Minis, little balls of only 10 grams.


After these two initial products Yarn and Colors kept expanding its range. They currently offer 8 different types of yarn, but we’ve been promised that it won’t stop there! “We will continue to bring you loads of colour in beautiful yarns”.


You can see their full range and find out more about the brand at