When you hear TikTok, you probably don’t think of crafting.


Until now.

Digital bank Monzo released fresh research this week looking into the crafting phenomenon that has been dominating social media feeds on the popular short video platform TikTok.

The findings indicate a growing appetite for mindful crafts, mirrored in the spending habits of UK consumers.

What’s the top craft blowing up on TikTok?

At just under 15 billion views, the most popular craft on TikTok is crochet. It beat calligraphy, which came second in Monzo’s rankings at an estimated 10.4 billion and origami was in third at 6.7 billion views.

The figures are staggering, showing a sustained interest in a diverse range of crafts. The top ten crafts on Monzo’s list include interests as broad as needlework, papercraft, taxidermy, carpentry and ceramic.

The rise of crochet

Monzo compared the views by analysing hashtags, which are used to categorise content on TikTok.

How to crochet a bucket hat - step 6

We spoke to the Editor of Simply Crochet Magazine, Sara Huntington, about the increasing popularity of crochet and why so many people are taking up the craft:

There’s a strong sense of community in crochet. Our readers love taking part in crochet together projects and sharing their magazine makes.
Sara Huntington, Editor, Simply Crochet

It’s not just TikTok viewers who can’t get enough of crochet.

Google searches for crochet reached 673,000 last month, showing the public’s fascination with the craft goes far beyond passive social media viewing habits.

Crafting in general is enjoying a huge renaissance around the world.

With thousands of patterns and detailed guides available online and through social media, it’s never been easier to find fun projects and expert knowledge at the click of a button.

Closeup of senior woman hands knitting colorful blanket by hand
Crochet is the perfect activity to improve mindfulness. The level of focus it brings facilitates inner calm as your creations come to life.
Sara Huntington, Editor, Simply Crochet

Crafting is also increasingly seen as a perfect antidote to push back against the stressors of modern life.

Mindful businesses growing in scale across the UK

Around 23% of craft owners set up their businesses post-Covid to help improve their mental health.

Speaking to our own business customer community, (we know) the passion and creativity (of) craft business owners.
Jordan Shwide, Head of Monzo Business, Monzo

But passion and creativity alone aren’t always enough to help crafters live their dreams.

Popular online marketplaces have recently come under fire for placing small-scale crafters in a precarious position.

Not all crochet and roses: The trouble with Etsy

Etsy recently got into hot water for holding funds for extended periods of time.

The platform is hugely popular with craft business owners, many of whom operate on a small scale.

Etsy store PegandAwl

Substantial delays to revenue can prove fatal to a small business if drawn out over several months.

Although this suggests the burgeoning sector could be at risk, Sara Huntington is optimistic:

Crafters are fiercely resourceful. I’ve no doubt we’ll see even more creativity however tough things get.
Sara Huntington, Editor, Simply Crochet

One thing is for certain: as long as crochet continues to attract record viewers on platforms like TikTok, even more people are sure to get hooked on crafting.


Looking for the hottest crochet news and exclusive fashionable designs? Then join Gathered as we take a sneak peek behind the latest issue of Simply Crochet magazine.

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