Top 10 crochet storage ideas with free patterns

So you've got yourself loads of yarn.. but how are you going to store and display it? From bags to boxes, here's 10 stylish storage solutions for you to try!


There’s been a lot of talk lately about tidiness and minimalism in the home, and whilst we’re feeling the need to reduce clutter, we are confident it won’t be easy to part with much of our craft stash! So we’ve come up with this list of savvy storage-related patterns that will help you get your home in shape in no time! And if you want some extra tips on how to keep your stored yarn in tip-top condition, check out our 7 storage tips here!


Pen Pot Cosies

Sara Huntington’s free jar cosy patterns are just the thing for being thrifty. Upcycle some jam jars with your favourite colours to save a bit of money! Get the exclusive pattern here.


Clothes Peg Yarn Bobbins

If you’re starting a project with lots of colours, or just have tons of little bits of leftover yarn that you just can’t bear to part with, using clothes pegs to organise your yarn is a cheap and quick storage solution. You can find out more about this technique on the Attic24 blog!



Wooden Crate Storage

Yarn storage using wooden crates – an easy solution to an overflowing collection! We need every bit of help we can get when it comes to storing our stash and whilst you can’t crochet this one, we think you’ll find it equally as tempting! Visit Make Do and Crew for the tutorial.


Owl Bag

We’re pleased that plastic bags are on their way out, though we’ve now found we own double figures of canvas tote bags! Whichever you prefer to use, hook up this cute owl bag holder to keep everything tidily organised. Download from ButtonNose Designs here.


Crochet storage basket

A lovely small-sized storage basket, using a deliciously chunky recycled cotton cord. Perfect for tidying up all those loose bits and bobs in your home. Find the free pattern over at the Mollie Makes blog.


Teardrop storage

Another way to organise your stash is this fab teardrop-shaped design by Mei at Ice Pandora – easily attached to a pegboard, just buy some felt, pegs and you’re away! Read on here.


Storage Tub

This lovely storage tub from Bernat is just the thing for your WIP and yarn to sit beside you whilst you snuggle up on the sofa – we particularly love this colourway too. Find the pattern at Love Crochet.


Storage Pouffe

What an excellent idea – we love this pouffe pattern by Michelle Moore, which happens to double up as storage itself! Genius! Grab the pattern here.


Cup Container

Here’s a fantastic recycling project that doubles up as a handy way to store your yarn (especially good for use with your current project). All you need is a plastic drinks cup with lid and a pair of scissors, find the tutorial from Sew-licious Home Decor.


And don’t forget you can find all of our free patterns here!