Knitted baby romper pattern

Knit Karine Strand Andresen’s gorgeous Nordic knitted baby romper pattern for the ultimate new baby gift.

knitted baby romper

We can’t resist a Nordic knit, especially when it’s as out-and- out adorable as this tiny romper. Worked in a soft, muted
yarn that’s delicate enough for newborns, the intricate details in this mini design are inspired by traditional Scandi knitwear. It’s cosy enough for autumn days, and makes a thoughtful gift for mamas with seriously on-trend offspring.


The romper is knitted top-down
in the round on circular needles. The pattern is given in four different sizes, but written for the smallest size. The patterns for the larger sizes are shown in brackets, increasing in order of size e.g. 1 (2, 3, 4) sts.

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  • Drops Cotton Merino, 50% wool/50% cotton, 50g/110m per ball, two balls in Sea Green (29)
  • 3mm and 3.5mm circular needles, 40cm (153⁄4″) long
  • 3mm double-pointed needles
  • 6mm cable needle or double-pointed needle
  • Three 1.5cm (5/8″) buttons
  • Two 2cm (3⁄4″) buttons
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch holder
  • Stitch marker


Approx. 22 sts and 30rowsinststto measure 10cm (4″)

Abbreviations (UK)

  • st(s) stitch(es) k knit
  • p purl
  • sl slip
  • st st stocking st (if straight needles, knit one row, purl one row repeated, if knitting in the round knit all rounds) k2tog knit 2 stitches together
  • p2tog purl 2 stitches together
  • dpn(s) double pointed needle(s)
  • tbl through back loop yo yarn over
  • wyib with yarn in back wyif with yarn in front RS right side
  • WS wrong side

Finished size

To fit 38 (44, 50, 54)cm (15 (173/8, 193⁄4, 211⁄4)”) size waist

Knitted baby romper pattern


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Knitting needle
  • Buttons

Total time:

Main body

Step 1

knitted baby romper step1
knitted baby romper step2
knitted baby romper step3
knitted baby romper step4
knitted baby romper step5
knitted baby romper step6
knitted baby romper step7
knitted baby romper step8
knitted baby romper step9
Using 3mm circular needles, cast on 84 (96, 108, 120) sts and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist the sts. Place a stitch marker to indicate the start of each

round. Start with 5 rounds of twisted rib, as follows:
Round 1 *k1 tbl, p1; repeat from * to end of round

Repeat Round 1 another 4 times Round 6 *k twisted rib for 12 (14, 16, 18) sts, k1 tbl, yo, k2tog, p1, repeat from * once, k twisted rib to end of round

Repeat Round 1 another 4 times Round 11 change to 3.5mm circular needle, k to end of round
Flower st round:

Round 12 *p1, (insert needle purlwise in next st, wrap yarn 3 times around the needle and pull needle out of the st) 5 times (there will be 3 loops on each of last 5 sts), repeat from * to end of round Round 13 *p1, slip first loop of each of next 5 sts onto a cable needle (dropping the extra 2 loops off each st), and wyib wrap the yarn twice round the 5 sts, repeat from * to end of round

Round 14 p
Round 15 k
Repeat Round 15 until your work

measures approx. 12 (13, 14, 15)cm (43⁄4 (51⁄4, 51⁄2, 6)”)
Cast off 10 (12, 14, 16) sts, k21
(23, 25, 27) sts (these are the front sts), cast off 10 (12, 14, 16) sts, k to end of round. Put the front sts on a stitch holder

Now work only on the back sts in rows in st st as follows:
Row 1 (WS) p2tog, p to last 2 sts, p2tog

Row 2 (RS) k2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog tbl
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until 15 sts remain on the needle

Put the back sts on a stitch holder With RS facing, rejoin yarn to front section and knit the front
as follows:

Row 1 (RS) k2tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog tbl
Row 2 (WS) p
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until 15 sts remain on the needle

Place a stitch marker on the needle, and k all front sts
Pick up 35 (40, 45, 50) sts between front and back (first leg hole), put

back sts onto a needle and k them, pick up 35 (40, 45, 50) sts between back and front (second leg hole) Join to work in the round and, starting with k1 tbl, work twisted rib in for 2 rounds

Now, make the buttonholes:
Next round *k1, yo, k2tog, p1, k1, p1, repeat from * once, k1, yo, k2tog, starting with p1, work twisted rib to end of round
Work 5 more rounds of twisted rib. Cast off.


Step 1

knitted baby romper step10

Find the middle st on the back of the waist. Using 3mm double- pointed needles, pick up 7 sts about 2 (2.5, 3, 3)cm (3⁄4 (1, 11⁄4,

11⁄4)”) from the middle st, work on these sts as follows
Row 1 (WS) p1, p1 tbl, k1, p1 tbl, k1, p1 tbl, p1

Row 2 (RS) sl first st knitwise, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, wyif sl last st purlwise
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until the straps measure approx 28 (30, 32, 34)cm (11 (117/8, 125/8, 133/8)”). Cast off and sew in all ends.


Step 1

knitted baby romper back

Sew the two larger buttons on the RS of the strap ends.
Sew the three smaller buttons to the RS of the romper’s back at the bottom point, ensuring they align with the buttonholes at the front.


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