Free Thanksgiving Embroidery Design: Give Thanks with stitches

The leaves are falling, the nights have drawn in... it's time to get cosy with some slow stitching and stitch our gratitude-themed embroidery hoop to celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving embroidery design

There is no more perfect a season to curl up in the warm and enjoy some slow stitching time than Fall. We’ve created this Thanksgiving Embroidery Design for you to stitch if you’re one of our US followers looking for Thanksgiving Craft Ideas, or for anyone who just loves this time of year, or the sentiment of embroidering a little gratitude.

We’re excited to feature this exclusive design from Jessie Doe Designs here on Gathered and we hope you enjoy stitching it as much as we’ve enjoyed planning it’s Gathered debut!

We’ve used…


DMC Stranded Cotton

  • Black: 310
  • Light orange: 921
  • Dark orange: 920
  • Golden-brown: 435
  • Various greens: 3012, 3053, 3045, 3362

DMC Diamant thread:

  • Metallic gold (D3821)


Download the free Thanksgiving embroidery pattern

To get started, download our free Thanksgiving Embroidery Design then read Jessie’s step by step guide to how to bring the pattern to life.

Thanksgiving Embroidery Design

How to stitch this Thanksgiving Embroidery Design


You Will Need

  • Fabric (White cotton drill fabric – 9in x 9in)
  • Stranded cotton (Black, golden-brown, dark orange, light orange, various greens, metallic gold)
  • Embroidery hoop (5in diameter)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Frixion pen

Step 1

Secure your fabric in the embroidery hoop. Download and transfer our free Thanksgiving Embroidery design to your fabric using the Frixion pen.

Step 2

Using one strand of black thread, Backstitch the lettering.

Step 3

Using three strands of light orange thread, Brick Stitch the pumpkin. Take a slightly darker orange thread and outline the pumpkin’s curved sections with a simple Backstitch. Satin Stitch the pumpkin’s stem using three strands of golden-brown thread.

Step 4

Using three strands of thread in one of your green shades, Stem Stitch the stems and Leaf Stitch the leaves marked A on the template.

Step 5

Using another shade of green, use three strands of thread to Stem Stitch the stems of the leaves marked B on the template and use lazy daisies to embroider the leaves.

Step 6

Satin Stitch the poppy seed heads (marked C on the template) with three strands of golden-brown thread. Add a long Backstitch to the seed heads to give them stems. Using one strand of black thread, Backstitch the seed head tops.

Step 7

Use three strands of one of your green threads to Leaf Stitch the oak leaves (marked D on the template). Use two strands of a darker shade of green, add a long Backstitch to give these leaves stems.

Step 8

Stem Stitch the stems and Leaf Stitch the leaves of the last leaf, marked E on the template, using three strands of one of your green threads.

Step 9

Backstitch the stars with two strands of gold metallic thread.

Step 10

Remove your pen markings and finish the back of your hoop using your preferred method.

Free Thanksgiving Embroidery Designs