How to embroider a collar with Spider Web Stitch

This collar embellished with spider web stitch blooms will pretty up a plain outfit. Make your own with Mollie Johanson.

how to do spider web stitch

You will need

  • Linen fabric: 28 x 36cm (11 x 1418in)
  • Lining fabric: 20 x 20cm (8 x 8in)
  • Iron-on interfacing: 28 x 36cm (11 x 1418in)
  • Matching thread
  • Stranded cotton in bright colours
  • Basic sewing kit
  • A template: download the Simply Sewing issue 56 templates for this template


Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance.


How to spider web stitch

Step 1

Start with a series of straight stitches radiating from a centre point. You can use as few as three for a triangle or as many as 20 for a large flower. Usually, the stitches meet in the middle and look like spokes on a wheel, but you can also make the centre open, creating a space for other stitches. Come up from the back near the centre of the straight stitches. Slide the needle under the nearest spoke. 

needle and thread demonstrating spider web stitch

Step 2

Slide the needle under the same spoke and the next. As you pull the thread taut, it will wrap around the first spoke. Repeat this step, sliding the needle under the current spoke and the next, then pulling the thread taut. 

how to sew a spider web stitch collar_step2

Step 3

Continue sliding the needle under the spokes, wrapping them with thread, until the spokes are as full as desired. Go back down through the fabric near the next spoke. 

needle and thread demonstrating spider web stitch

Making the collar

Step 1

Press iron-on interfacing onto the back of the linen. Trace the collar template onto the linen with a fine point erasable marker.

Step 2

Embroider a floral cluster on each open end of the collar shape. Use spider web stitch for the flowers, back stitch for the stems, lazy daisy stitch for the leaves, and French knots for the tiny flowers and flower centre. Use six strands of stranded cotton throughout.

spider web stitch embroidery on collar shape

Step 3

Cut out the embroidered piece and a matching piece for the lining.

Step 4

Pin and sew the two collar pieces with right sides (RS) together, leaving an opening on the inside of the curve. Use a 1cm ( 38in) seam allowance. Clip the curves and corners, then turn the collar RS out. Press in the open seam allowance and sew closed with ladder stitch.

Step 5

Sew one half of a hook and eye closure on each side of the collar, with the hook or eye pointing towards the point of the collar.

hook and eye closure

Step 6

Make sure all the seams are pressed, then topstitch around the collar in running stitch with three strands of stranded cotton.

top stitching a collar
spider web stitch floral collar design