How to stitch Colonial Knots

Discover a new embroidery stitch with this beautiful embroidery knot that adds texture and detail to your embroidery hoop. In this Stitch Library post, we talk you through how to sew colonial knots.

how to do Colonial Knots

Colonial knots have a raised, textured appearance and can be sewn individually or in clusters, making them ideal for stitching floral motifs.

Sew colonial knots using three shades of pink to stitch delicate blossoms with our step by step guide to this clever embroidery stitch. Download our free template below as a positional guide to where to place your knots. Trace the blossom embroidery pattern onto the fabric.

If you’re working the design above, add the words, branches and birdcage in backstitch. Template design by Lisa Jones stitching  and instructions by Rebecca Reid

Free blossom embroidery pattern (PDF)


Step 1

First, secure your thread on the back of your work through some of the already worked backstitches, close to where you want your first knot to be. Now bring the needle up at 1 and loop the thread over it.

How to stitch colonial knots step 1

Step 2

Next, take the thread over and under the needle in a figure of eight. Follow the thread path on the diagram to see exactly how this is done. With time and practice you will get very quick at doing this.

How to sew colonial knots step 2

Step 3

Push the needle back down at 2, close to where it first emerged. Before you pull it all the way through, tighten the loops around the needle and hold them in place. Pull the needle through to form a neat knot.

How to work colonial knots step 3

Add colonial knot blossoms to brighten up bags and pouches

The welcome sight of blossoms in bloom is  a sure sign that winter is behind us and spring has sprung. Though the blossom season may be fleeting and it’s not long before those pretty petals float away on the summer breeze, you can make it last by stitching your own blossom tree onto
a plain make-up bag using colonial knot stitches. Download our free pattern above and use your new skills to embellish a plain bag with these pretty blooms.

How to do colonial knots