Free Christmas sloths printables

If you want to take things slow, wind down the crafting pace with these delightful printables for sloth Christmas cards, free to download!

Sloth Christmas cards - free patterned papers

Not a fan of the Christmas rush? Take it easy and download these free printables to make sloth Christmas sloth cards!


We love chilling out, and these printables are perfect if you want to steer away from the classic Christmas card – after all, a sloth dressed as Santa isn’t the most traditional of designs! There are lots of fun sentiments and toppers you can fussy cut and add to your cards, gift tags and papercraft projects. There’s even a “Nope!” design – simply mount directly onto your card blank and you’ve got the perfect Christmas card for people who don’t like Christmas.

These beautiful illustrations feature slow-living dudes dressed in their Christmas finest, lazing in hammocks and hanging from treetops, living their best lives. What we love most about these printables is that they remind us to enjoy the best things about the holidays (or lockdown…), which is taking the time to unwind and just slow down.

We have lots more printable and free patterned papers available for download, so be sure to bookmark the page and keep checking back as we update the page regularly!

Free Christmas sloth printables

Make these sloth Christmas cards with your free printables


3D tunnel card

3D tunnel card - Christmas Sloth card
  1. Cut two 12 x 20cm pieces of card. These are your front and back panels. Vertically score at 2cm, 4cm, 16cm and 18cm on both pieces to create two small side panels on either side.
  2. Cut a 9cm-wide circle in the centre of one of the panels. This will be your front card.
  3. Cut a 12 x 16cm piece of card, and cut a circle aperture in the middle, slightly smaller than the one made in step 2.
  4. Fussy cut the ‘don’t hurry, be happy’ sentiment from your printables, and attach to the centre of the back panel. Build up your design by adding sloths and foliage elements to all three sections.
  5. Apply double-sided tape along the left and right edges and along the front and back of the central piece of card. Position your front piece on top, lining up the edges so that they’re flush together, and secure so that it forms a pop-out section. Repeat these steps with the back panel. Even though it’s a 3D design, it will fold flat for posting!

Washing line card

Washing line card - Christmas sloth card

Secure the sloth in the hammock between the two trees to make this washing line card. Mount onto a card base (we’ve used an easel card base here) and attach a sentiment with sticky foam pads on the base to act as a stopper.


Interlocking gatefold card

Interlocking gatefold - Christmas sloth card

Position this interlocking gatefold card half-open, half-closed to best see the jolly sentiment and also get a peek at the sloths hanging out inside!

Download your free Christmas sloth patterned printables:

To download each printable sheet, click on the link below the image and it will open in a new window. You can then save/download the sheet. There are a total of 13 printable sheets to download to complete the collection.

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