Free stylish succulents patterned papers

If you've been swept away in the succulent trend, then these patterned papers featuring cacti and succulents are just what you need!

Stylish succulent patterned papers

Cacti are having a moment and we’re very happy about it! Already cheering up our office desks and brightening our bathrooms, now they’re popping up on our free papers! This collection of papers contains lots and lots of succulents and cacti in pots, terrariums and in hanging planters! The designer has played with a range of proportions, so there is a giant succulent that’s perfect for a background as well as lots of ditsy little cacti to finish off a gift tag.

Stylish succulent patterned papers

Download your free stylish succulent patterned papers:

To download each the papers, click on the link below the images and it will open in a new window. You can then save/download the sheet. There is one PDF to download, which contains all the patterned papers.

Stylish succulent patterned papers_PDF