How to craft an Easter bunny cake topper tutorial

Give cupcakes and muffins a seasonal twist when you dress them with our bunny-themed toppers and get everyone in the mood for an Easter party! These Easter bunny cake toppers can even be popped into a party gift bag!

Easter bunny cake topper

Sweeten up your Easter cakes and party food with these adorable bunny-themed cake toppers. Crafted from polka dot papers and cocktail sticks, they’re so easy to put together and are perfect for popping in a party bag as a keepsake.

We’ve used polka dot papers for these little rabbits, but you could use pastel shades or brown papers for a realistic look. Why not add a name tag to the little pennant tags for a personal touch?

Easter bunny cake toppers main

Shopping List


Step 1

Transfer two bunny heads onto polka dot paper using the template and cut out. Glue the two heads together, trapping a cocktail stick between them at the bottom half of the head.

Step 2

Use the inner ear template to cut two inner ear shapes from a contrasting polka dot paper. Attach to the bunny’s ears, as shown. Use hole punches to make two small eyes from white card and a slightly larger nose from coloured card. Attach to the bunny’s head.

Step 3

Cut an 8cm length of narrow washi tape and fold in half around the cocktail stick, just below the bunny’s head. Trim the end to a pennant to create a scarf.