How to create a papercraft rainbow mobile

Keep the storm clouds at bay with our delightful April showers papercraft mobile, which features a massive rainbow to brighten up any living space!

Weather papercraft mobile

Create a radiant rainbow papercraft rainbow, which is sure to bring some seasonal cheer to your living space. Crafted with bright colours card, our designer has created adorable little umbrellas, raindrops and clouds to add to her mobile. This project is perfect for using up scraps from your home – you could use a cereal box to cut the rainbow from and twine from your garden shed or gift wrap stash.

We’ve added golden jingle bells to the ends of the twine, which create a gentle tinkle when a breeze catches the mobile, as well as a flash of golden light. There are some handy templates for the raindrops, clouds and umbrellas, which you can download below (see shopping list).

Rainbow papercraft mobile_main

Shopping List:


You Will Need

  • Pattern paper
  • Cardboard
  • Baker's twine
  • Craft wire

Step 1

Using a compass, draw seven arches onto a piece of thick cardboard, spacing the arches equally to create the sections of the rainbow. The overall height of the rainbow should be 27cm.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_01

Step 2

Cut out the entire rainbow outline, then cut into three separate arches. Space the arches 2cm apart then attach a length of baker’s twine to the reverse of the arches, as shown.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_02

Step 3

Cover both sides of the arches with coloured card to create the rainbow. Punch a hole in each end of the three arches. Thread twine through each hole and secure one end with a knot.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_03

Step 4

Using the template, cut out six umbrella shapes from coloured card. Score and fold each piece in half then attach them together, back to back, to create an umbrella.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_04

Step 5

Create a loop in the end of a piece of craft wire, then thread the wire through the umbrella. Bend the other end into a curve to create a handle. Repeat to create three umbrellas.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_05

Step 6

Using the template, cut out four clouds from card. Fold each cloud in half, then glue them together around the twine. Repeat to make two more clouds for the mobile.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_06

Step 7

Using the templates, cut out suns and raindrops from coloured card. Attach the elements to the twine, layering another sun or raindrop on the reverse to cover the twine.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_07

Step 8

Thread the ends of the twine through the loops on the umbrellas, then secure the knot with a dab of clear glue. Add gold jingle bells to the remaining lengths of twine, to finish.

Weather papercraft mobile_step_08