How to make a paper pine cone decoration

Decorate your home for winter with these intricate Christmas paper pine cone decorations. These decorations appeared in Papercraft Inspirations 144.

How to make paper pine cone decorations

Bring the beauty of the outside indoors this Christmas, with these deliciously tactile and glittery pine cones from Papercraft Inspirations 144.


Pine cones are always a festive favourite when it comes to decorating your house for the holidays, and these paper versions will look great grouped together on a mantelpiece, hanging from a door handle or placed individually on the tree.

It won’t take you long to craft them either, as they’re easily made by securing folded paper scales onto a plain polystyrene egg, using pins, plus a sprinkling of glitter and a few berries to finish. Once you’ve created your first one, we guarantee you’ll want to make a whole forest’s worth!

How to make a paper pine cone decoration:

Shopping List:

Christmas patterned papers
10cm and 7cm polystyrene eggs
Artificial red wired berries
Fine glitter
Dressmaker’s pins (250-300 per pine cone)
Tacky craft glue

Step 1

Cut your paper into 2x2cm squares. Fold two corners to the reverse, to create a triangular shape along one side. Working from the narrow end of the egg, position the point of the folded edge at the egg centre and pin. Secure the opposite side with two pins. Repeat this for three more pieces.

How to make paper pine cone decorations step 1

Step 2

Once the base layer is pinned, work along the next row, this time lining up the pointed end to follow the join where two folded pieces meet on your first layer. Secure with two pins at the base, keeping the pointed end free. Work around the egg with three more folded paper pieces.

How to make paper pine cone decorations step 2

Step 3

Continue to work in rows around the egg. As the egg increases in size, the more folded pieces you’ll have to use. Try to create a bricking effect, taking care to cover any gaps and pins from the previous layers. Work towards the top of the egg, covering the egg as much as you can.

How to make paper pine cone decorations step 3