How to make dinosaur cards with dinosaur printables

Use our free dinosaur cards printables to make these clever interactive birthday card ideas

dinosaur cards

Full of colour and character, Naomi Skinner’s dinosaur printables are triceratop-notch! You can download and print these out to use in any of your craft projects. If you’d like some ideas for cards you can make with them, we have some spectacular moving makes for you to try out. Try a waterfall card and magic colour card, plus you could craft a super-scary T-rex with moving, gnashing jaws!

These super-cute dinosaurs look too friendly to be threatening and come with bright papers and sentiments to suit a host of crafting projects. With everything from footprints to fossils, it’s the perfect excuse for some mammoth creativity. Grab your crafty stash and step back into prehistoric times!

You will need


Total time:

Step 1

dinosaur cards step 1

Layer a 14cm square lime card over a 14.5cm square teal card and a 15cm square white card blank. Trim footprint paper from the dinosaur printables to 13.5cm square, round it with a corner punch or with scissors for a more professional finish then layer on top.

Step 2

dinosaur birthday cards 2

Trim a piece of foliage paper from the printables to 15×3.5cm then layer centrally on 15x4cm teal card. Wrap ribbon across the middle then attach on top of the other layers, 2cm from the bottom – we’ve used double-sided tape.

Step 3



dinosaur birthday card 3
Cut  a 10x20cm piece of line card. Fold in half at the middle, to make a 10x10cm card. Die cut or hand cut an 8cm square through one half. Attach a dinosaur image from the dinosaur printables as shown. Run 3mm of double-sided tape along the sides and base of the dinosaur image.

Step 4



dinosaur birthday cards 4


Trim acetate to 10cm square. Find the skeleton image that matches the dinosaur picture you stuck in step 3 and lay the acetate over the skeleton image then affix with craft tape. Trace the skeleton image on to the acetate in thin permanent marker pen. Attach the image behind the aperture you so cut in step 3, so it is aligned with the dinosaur picture when the frame is closed.

Step 5

dinosaur birthday card 5

Cut a 9cm long slit in the central fold of the lime card. Trim a piece of white card 8.5cm square and round off the corners. Create a mini pull tag with a small piece of coloured card with a hole in it, thread with ribbon, and stick to the white card.

Step 6

dinosaur birthday card step 6

Feed the tag through the slit in the lime card so that the white card covers the dinosaur. Seal the card inside the frame with the tape placed in step 3. When you pull the tab, the white card will slide up out of the frame to reveal the the dinosaur image underneath, which should correspond with the skeleton on the acetate if you lined them up correctly in step 4. This is your Magic Colour card element. Choose a birthday sentiment from the printables and cut it out – mat on to coloured card if you like.

Step 7

dinosaur birthday card step 7

Attach the dinosaur Magic Colour element to the card front. Fussy cut your foliage from the printables, then attach it and the sentiment bottom-right of the frame with sticky foam pads. Finish with buttons in the corners.


More dinosaur birthday card ideas

We’ve used the dinosaur printables to craft this clever waterfall cascade card, too! Here is a video showing how we put this card together. Scroll down for written instructions.




  1. Trim red card 11x19cm and layer over 11.5×19.5cm orange card, and a 12x20cm white card blank. Attach a sentiment as shown, trim foliage paper 10.5×18.5cm and round the corners. Stick on top of the layers.
  2. Die cut five dinosaurs on 5.5cm squares. Glue onto 6cm orange squares. Trim red card 6x27cm, stick one square to the bottom, draw four lines 1.5cm apart above the square and run double-sided tape along each.
  3. Attach the top of the other squares to the tape. Score along the top of the final square and fold the remaining red card strip backwards. Round the bottom corners, create a tag then adhere in the centre. Cover the remaining red strip with footprint paper.
  4. Layer 12x1cm foliage paper and 12×2.5cm red card over 12x3cm orange card. Place 5cm from the bottom of the card and affix over the red strip with brads.
  5. Thread the pull tag with ribbon. To finish, add buttons in the corners.


You could also make this T-rex with moving jaws! Use a brad to secure the jaw to the card but still allow the T-rex to chomp!


Free dinosaur printables

You can download and print all the illustrations you need to make these brilliant dino delights, created by Naomi Skinner. They are all sized to work with the designs we have show here, too!

Find the dinosaur printables

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