How to make a Father’s Day gift bag

Make this easy Father's Day gift bag with our free template!

How to make a Father's Day gift bag

You can transform a simple gift for Father’s Day with the right packaging or gift wrap. It’s really easy to dress up a gift box with the addition of a cute bow, or loop a tie around a bottle of Dad’s favourite tipple.

This Father’s Day gift bag is shaped and decorated as a shirt and tie, it’s perfect to hold some homemade treats or a small gift!

Choose his favourite colour or tie style, then add a few buttons and attach a printed sentiment positioned to look like a tie pin as a brilliant finishing touch.

Spruce up the Father’s Day gift bag for a special occasion with a classic bow tie (bow ties are cool), which could be made using shimmering satin ribbon for added glamour. It’s also a great way to use up any luxurious paper scraps that you have tucked away in your craft stash.

It’s up to you to decide what to fill your Father’s Day gift bag with! Take a trip to an old-fashioned sweet shop to pick up some nostalgic confectionery or make your own homemade biscuits to stow inside as a special surprise.

Want some free patterned paper to make your Father’s day gift bag with? Take a look at our ever-growing collection of free patterned papers, there are lots to choose from and there are lots of different themes. We love these free stylish cactus papers! For more general card making, let us show you how to make cards.

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To make a Father’s Day gift bag you will need:

How to make a Father’s Day gift bag


Step 1

Take some patterned heavy-weight paper and trace around the Father’s Day gift bag template. Cut the template out using a craft knife and metal ruler and score it where indicated on the template.

How to make a Father's Day gift bag - step 1

Step 2

Fold up the Father’s Day gift bag template and attach the tabs on the centre and bottom of the bag using double-sided tape. Remember to put a gift inside before folding the top flap and sealing the bag!

How to make a Father's Day gift bag - step 2

Step 3

Add the tie to the shirt collar and layer the tie knot on top using some sticky foam pads or shaker foam tape for extra dimension. Embellish with a few shirt buttons to finish.

How to make a Father's Day gift bag - step 3
How to make a Father's Day gift bag

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