How to make a suitcase gift box

Surprise and delight friends and family with this fab suitcase gift box! This versatile gift box will make a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Suitcase shaped gift box

Have you bought a gift for someone and now you’re thinking you would like to wrap it up in an extra special way? Perhaps some jewellery, sweets or even a keyring? How about making them this sweet suitcase shaped gift box! It’s based on the design of a matchbox and has a compartment that slides out from a sleeve, ideal if you think it’s going to get lots of regular opening and closing.

We’re using pretty, vintage style papers with a soft colour palette, but you can switch them out to suit the recipient or occasion.

There are lots of possibilities for adding extra embellishments to personalise your suitcase-shaped gift box to make them even more special. Check out our collection of free patterned papers if you need an easy way to boost your stash, we love these free abstract florals patterned papers! Browse through our collection of free card making downloads if you are in need of more crafty inspiration!


You Will Need

  • Kraft card
  • Patterned paper
  • Brads, also called split pins
  • Circle punch
  • Glue

Step 1

First, download the free suitcase gift box template, then cut out and score the two parts of the suitcase box from Kraft card. Glue together in the style of a matchbox, ensuring the inner box is able to slide in and out of the outer box. Using a wet glue to stick your boxes together will give you a stronger hold than a glue stick, but it will also give you a few extra seconds to allow for any small adjustments. While your work is drying, you might find it easier to hold your work together with clothes pegs. These will keep everything in place without marking your card or paper, and give you an extra set of hands.

Make a suitcase gift box out of paper

Step 2

Cut top, bottom, front and back panels of the suitcase from cream floral paper, and two side panels from stripe paper. Attach to the outer and inner box using wet glue. Punch six circles from Kraft card.

Make a suitcase gift box out of paper

Step 3

Cut two circles into quarters; attach to the corners of side panels on the inner box. Cut the remaining circles in half, score in half again and then glue around the corners of front/side and back/sides of the outer box.

Make a suitcase gift box out of paper

Step 4

Cut two 5mm wide strips from Kraft paper and wrap around outside of the box for straps. Glue into place and trim ends into pennants. Score a 50 x 6mm strip of Kraft card 7mm in from each end. Attach to top of the case with brads to form the handle. When using brads on the inside of a box with a sliding drawer or inner box, add a piece of clear tape over the ‘legs’ of the brad to help ensure that the drawer doesn’t snag when it’s moved.

Make a suitcase gift box out of paper

Download your free suitcase gift box templates:

To download the template sheet, click on the link below and it will open in a new window. You can then save/download the sheet.

Free suitcase gift box template