How to weave with paper

Learn paper weaving with our easy to follow step-by-step tutorial!

Paper weaving

Discover new ways of using traditional paper weaving techniques with this easy guide to paper weaving.

Paper weaving is a fun, and hugely underestimated technique that can be used to create all sorts of cards. You may have tried weaving of some kind before, and the same simple techniques can be applied to complex patterns to create different designs.

Paper weaving is created by lifting vertical (warp) strips in a particular order, and weaving in horizontal (weft) strips to make a pattern. There are hundreds of woven patterns that can be used with paper, from the simplest plain or basket weaves to more intricate twill, jacquard and multi-coloured patterns.

Start with an easy panel made from wide strips, or try creating a woven panel to stick behind an aperture, before using thinner strips to create a more advanced weave. Strips can be butted together for a solid panel or woven with gaps in between for a completely different look. Experiment with using combinations of plain and patterned papers, but make sure that the papers contrast, otherwise any woven effect will be lost.

Weave colourful strips of paper together to create stunning and unique card designs!

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Paper weaving: Thinking of You card

Paper weaving - Thinking of You

Step 1

Cut some 10 x 150mm strips from ivory, pale blue, dark blue and purple papers. Lay three purple and two ivory strips side by side, alternating the colours and leaving small gaps. Secure the paper weaving strips using tape at the top.

Paper weaving - step 1

Step 2

Weave a strip of dark blue paper over and under each strip in turn. Then weave a pale blue strip, going under the first strip, over the second and so on. Repeat with dark blue and pale blue strips. Finish with a dark blue strip.

Paper weaving - step 2

Step 3

For the card itself, ayer a 140mm square of patterned paper onto Kraft card and add to a 148mm square white card base.

Then for the front panel that the paper weaving is on, layer a 110mm square of patterned paper onto ivory paper and Kraft card. Draw a dashed border with a black fine liner pen for a cool faux stitching effect.

Paper weaving - step 3

Step 4

Add the smaller panel to the larger card base to base with foam pads for dimension.

Next, use double-sided tape on the back of the woven papers to secure them in place and prevent them unravelling. Trim the ends to create an interesting shape and add to the base. Stamp and colour a sentiment, then trim, and layer onto dark blue paper and add to your card to finish.

Paper weaving - step 4

Paper weaving: For You card

Paper weaving - For You

Step 1

For the card base, cover a 148mm square white card base with patterned paper. Cut twenty-four 5 x 15mm paper weaving strips from purple paper and eight from patterned papers. Arrange 16 purple strips side by side vertically as shown, and tape to your work surface at the top to secure.

Paper weaving - step 5

Step 2

Weave two purple strips together, going under two strips and then over two strips in turn. Weave a patterned strip across, starting by going over two strips and then under two strips. Weave a contrasting patterned strip in the same way.

Paper weaving - step 6

Step 3

Repeat step 2 three times using purple and different patterned strips. Finish with two purple strips. Tape to secure the ends in place. Cut a heart in the centre of a 120 x 105mm piece of patterned paper (or use a die/ punch if you have one). Attach the woven panel at an angle. When upright, the woven paper will appear diamond shape.

Paper weaving - step 7

Step 4

Layer the heart panel onto a mixture of plain and patterned paper to create lots of thin borders around the focal paper weaving feature.

Add a dashed border with a black fine liner pen and attach to base with foam pads. Stamp and colour a sentiment. Trim a sentiment, layer onto purple paper to create a thin border, add strips of paper behind and add to the base to finish.

Paper weaving - step 8

Paper weaving: Happy Birthday card

Paper weaving - Father's Day card

Step 1

Cut fifteen 5 x 25mm strips of dark blue paper and thirty-two 5 x 15mm strips of striped paper. Lay the dark blue strips side by side and tape at the top. Weave the first striped strip, going under two, over two and so on. Weave another, going over one, under two, over two and so on.

Paper weaving - step 9

Step 2

For the third strip, go over two, under two all the way across. For the next strip, go under one, over two, under two and so on. Continue the process to use up all of the strips and you will have created a funky diagonal pattern with your strips of paper. Turn over, fold the overhanging strips to the back of the panel and secure.

Paper weaving - step 10

Step 3

For the card base, cover a 148mm square white base with patterned paper. Attach the woven panel to a 100 x 148mm piece of Kraft card and then add to a 110 x 148mm piece of dark blue paper to create a thin border around the outside. Add dashed lines with a black fine liner pen to create faux stitching and attach to the base.

Paper weaving - step 11

Step 4

Draw and cut a tie shape from patterned paper. Wrap a 15mm strip around the top and add to the base with sticky fixers. Add the tie to the top of your woven paper panel, then add a sentiment to finish. We’ve gone with Happy Birthday – but this would also make a brilliant Father’s Day card design!

Paper weaving - step 12