How to sew a simple placemat and coaster set

Practise your binding and freshen up your dining table with these easy-sew table settings. We'll show you how to make them, step-by-step

How to sew a tablemat and caoster set

This beginners sewing project is a quick and easy way to practise basic sewing, quilting and binding skills. Make the border of your project really stand out with a bright and bold binding fabric.

You will need…

To make one coaster and one placemat:

  • Coaster fabric nine (9) 2in squares
  • Placemat fabric nine (9) 2½in squares
  • Background fabric one (1) fat quarter
  • Backing fabric one (1) fat quarter
  • Binding fabric one (1) fat quarter
  • Batting 18in x 22in

Finished Size

Coaster: 4½in square approx
Placemat: 14in x 16in approx


Seam allowances are ¼in throughout, unless otherwise noted
Solid fabrics: we’ve used Kona Solids in Goldfish and Pool.


Step 1

From the background fabric cut one (1) 8½in x 6½in piece and one (1) 10½in x 14½in piece.


Step 2

Sew your 2½in squares together in three rows of three. Then sew the rows together to form a square.

Step 3

Sew the 8½in x 6½in background fabric to one edge of the square. Sew the remaining background piece to the 14½in edge (Fig 1). This forms your placemat top.

How to bind a quilt double fold binding diagram
Piecing the mat… Use bold fabrics from your stash for the pieced square

Step 4

Sew your 2in squares together in three rows of three. Then sew the rows together to form a square. This will form your coaster.

Step 5

Layer your backing fabric (right side down) and batting with the placemat and coaster on top (right side up) to make a quilt sandwich and quilt as desired. Trim away excess batting and backing.

Step 6

Cut seven (7) 2½in x 22in strips of fabric for the binding and join into one length using diagonal seams. Fold in half lengthways, wrong sides together, to form the double-fold binding. If you want to use different colours, cut two strips for the coaster and five strips for the placemat.

Step 7

Bind the edges of each piece, following your preferred method – for more detail on this, check out our How to bind a quilt with double-fold binding tutorial.

Since these are small pieces, it’s a great way to experiment with different techniques. Why not try different methods for each coaster or placemat to find the combination you like best!



How to bind a quilt tutorial