Patchwork pincushion DIY

Love English Paper Piecing? Then you'll love this easy, not to mention quick, diamond pyramid pincushion project by Carolyn Forster.

How to make a patchwork pincushion

We’ve been brushing up on our English Paper Piecing skills after reading the tips and techniques by Carolyn Forster in the English Paper Piecing project booklet that came free with issue 7 of Today’s Quilter magazine. Once you get hooked you won’t be able to stop!

If you’re new to English Paper Piecing

Or you’d like a refresher on how it’s done, read our guide to English Paper Piecing post before you get started on this project.

You will need

  • Fabric A (green) 2½in x WOF strip
  • Fabric B (purple) 2½in x WOF strip
  • Fabric C (linen) 12in x WOF
  • Paper pieces – Eighteen (18) 2in
  • 6-point diamonds, twelve (12) triangles – six (6) diamonds cut in half), and one (1) large triangle
  • Polyester toy stuffing
  • Thread to tone with fabric

Free patchwork templates

Finished size

  • 7in high x 8in base
How to sew a patchwork pin cushion

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

From fabric A cut nine (9) diamonds ¼in larger than the paper pieces.

Step 2

From fabric B cut three (3) diamonds.

Step 3

From fabric C cut as follows: six (6) diamonds, twelve (12) triangles (diamonds cut in half) and one (1) large triangle (see template).

Making the patchwork

Step 1

Baste fabrics to your paper pieces using thread or glue. For further instructions, see our Beginners Guide to English Paper Piecing post.

Step 2

Join together six (6) diamonds and four (4) triangles to make one pyramid side (Fig 1). Make three (3) of these in total.

How to sew a patchwork pincushion step 1

Step 3

Join together the three pyramid sides, right sides together as shown in Fig 2.

How to sew a patchwork pincushion step 2

Step 4

Add the large fabric C triangle as shown in Fig 3, this is the base of the pyramid.

How to sew a patchwork pincushion step 3

Step 5

Now join the long straight edges of the two pieced sides, right sides together to form the pyramid, with the large triangle for the base still flapping (Fig 4).

How to sew a patchwork pincushion step 4

Step 6

Stitch the remaining two sides of the base piece to the side piece, leaving a 3in hole in the middle of one side to turn though and stuff.

Step 7

Remove all of the paper pieces and turn right-sides out.

Step 8

Stuff until you are happy with the firmness. Stitch the hole closed with ladderstitch (Fig 5)

How to sew a patchwork pincushion step 5