Festival of Quilts: virtual tour

We're officially in mourning that this summer's The Festival of Quilts won't be going ahead this summer. If you're already missing your annual hit of high-impact quilt goodness, fear not! Dive into our virtual tour of last year's winning quilts to top us up until we're all allowed to go out and fondle other people's quilts (with our eyes at least) in public again.

The Festival of Quilts winning quilts gallery

If you want to spark true debate at Gathered towers, just ask us which is our favourite category of quilt in The Festival of Quilts competitions, then stand back and watch the fireworks. Some of us LOVE the complete magic of the mini quilts (hands up here, as how do they make them so wee?!), others are in awe of the traditional quilt galleries, steeped in the quilting heritage that we learnt from the generations before us. Then there’s the camp that can be found gazing for hours, lost in the eye-tricks of the pictorial quilts.


Being such complete devotees of the UK’s best-loved quilting event, it’s with great sadness that we learned that this year we’ll be missing out on our annual trip to the NEC to get our quilt on and immerse ourselves in the galleries (let alone snaffle ALL THE FABRIC at the shopping stands). We also happen to work alongside the hard-working and creative team at Upper Street Events who throw this biggest UK quilt event of the year each summer, so we know how much work had gone on behind the scenes on this year’s exhibitions when the global pandemic got in the way.

Enter the 2020 Festival of Quilts Virtual Quilt Competition

Oh yes, you heard us right! While this Summer’s Festival has been sadly postponed, you can still enter your quilts in the event’s virtual quilt competitions – entries are open now at www.thefestivalofquilts.co.uk

Check out their awesome plans for a Virtual Quilt Competition this year (above) and then dive into the complete comfort viewing that is this visual tour of the quilts that captivated us and won the judges’ hearts last year.

Festival of Quilts, we are all the heart eyes for you and we cannot WAIT to see you in 2021.

*Pencil in 29th July – 1st August 2021 in your diaries now people!