Free Cityscape patchwork templates

Recreate the excitement of the Big Apple with the Cityscape quilt and cushion with our free skyline foundation paper piecing templates.

Free cityscape patchwork templates

Julianna Gasiorowska’s foundation paper pieced masterpiece is perfectly made up in Jungle Ave. fabric by Sara Lawson. Inspired by Sara’s fabric, Julianna evokes the New York skyline with her clever foundation paper pieced quilt block.


Boost your quilting skills!

These patchwork patterns are pieced using Foundation Paper Piecing. If you’re new to this, head to our Beginner’s Guide to FPP to learn the ropes!

Four FPP heart quilt blocks

Download this Free Cityscape patchwork template including Julia’s Warsaw and New York skyline quilt block FPP patterns and her porthole circle template as featured above.

Free new york patchwork pattern