Free Colourwheel Template

Download and print out this bright colour wheel and discover your ideal colour combinations.

Free colour wheel template

All you need are scissors, a split pin (brad) and a printer to make yourself a handy colour wheel to up your colour game.


Simply print out the download our PDF template below on to paper, and follow the instructions next to the wheel.

How to use a colour wheel

  • PLACE the wheel right side up on top of your fabric, so that it shows through the window.
  • POINT the indicator in the middle of the wheel to your fabric and follow the arrows to choose your combination on the wheel – see our guide to colour combos to try
  • PICK the colours that you like best and you’re ready to go!

Complementary colours

Are opposite each other on the wheel.

Split Complementary colours

Are either side of the complementary colour.

Triadic colours

Arethree that are spaced equally from each other around the wheel.

Double Complementary and Tetradic Square colours

Are four points spaced around the wheel.


Analogous Colours

Are next to each other on the wheel.