Free Flying Geese Templates

Crisp Flying Geese are a must for any quilter's repertoire! Download our free Flying Geese Templates to whip up these essential units in no time.

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Flying Geese Templates

We created a multi-size acrylic template for our issue 69 to help you whip your Flying Geese blocks into shape and you can download the PDF free version in this post. To help you use your gift we’ve created this post all about using Flying Geese templates and rulers on your quilts.


Scroll down to download our free PDF template  This PDF template and read our step-by-step guide to using Flying Geese rulers in your patchwork. Our PDF template works in exactly the same way as the acrylic version, you’ll just need to download it to get started.

Where to buy Flying Geese Rulers

Investing in an acrylic ruler or template will speed up your piecing of Flying Geese patchwork units and ensure unified shapes and sizes when you’re whipping up a batch of Flying Geese too. If you want to treat yourself, top up your stash with our links to Acrylic Flying Geese rulers below…

Start tonight! Download our free Flying Geese Templates

Free Flying Geese Templates (PDF)

Print or trace on to acetate or vellum to create your own handiest of Flying Geese templates!

How to use Flying Geese Rulers and Templates

Now you’ve got your handiest of Flying Geese templates, here’s how to use them to sew Flying Geese with perfect angles and sharp corners!

Step 1

Choose your required finished size, and use the same coloured line on each template when cutting your pieces. Cut strips of fabric to size from the top of the ruler to your chosen size line.

How to sew Flying Geese Masterclass

To find out more about sewing flying geese, head to our Essential Guide to Flying Geese to find out everything you know and try out different methods of sewing these handy units.

How to sew flying geese quilts

Step 2

Align the marked line with the bottom of your strips, and trim along both sides of the large triangle template (Fig 1). Turn your template around to cut the next piece, matching up the diagonal edges (Fig 2). Keep working in this way until you have cut the required number of centre triangles for your project.

How to sew Flying Geese Templates

Step 3

Use the bottom corners of the template to cut the bottom corners for the large triangle pieces (Fig 3).

Step 4

Fold a strip of fabric in half, and use the small template to cut pieces two at a time (Fig 4). Cutting the pieces on folded fabric will yield two mirror image pieces (Fig 5). Trim the corners of the triangles as before.


Step 6

Place one small triangle right sides together with a large triangle. Sew along the edge and press open. Place the second triangle on the other side, sew, and press open to complete one Flying Geese unit (Fig 6).