Fussy cut patchwork hoop DIY

We were smitten the second we first saw Lou Orth's Princess Party hoop! With it's hand-pieced hexies and enchanting fabrics, it will brighten up any wall.

Patchwork fussy cutting project

Oh what’s that? Riley Blake have released a fabric collection that includes unicorns and fairytale kingdoms? We’re all in! The Guinevere collection by Citrus & Mint Designs for Riley Blake Designs is inspired by a magical land far, far away. Motifs include princes and princesses, magical creatures and even a storybook castle.

Scroll down to see how fabric addict Lou Orth has used these super cute fabrics to fussy cut hexagons and turn them into English-Paper-Pieced hoop art!

Guinevere Riley Blake fabric web

You will need

  • Print fabrics (for hexagons) thirty seven (37) 212in squares – all fabrics are from the Guinevere collection by Citrus & Mint Designs for Riley Blake Designs.
  • Backing fabric: one (1) fat quarter
  • 10in embroidery hoop
  • White ribbon: 5yds
  • Approximately twenty (20) trims or ribbons: 12in–24in lengths
  • Thirty seven (37) copies of our 1in Princess Party Hexagon template:  download the PDF of our issue 66 templates here

Finished size

10in diameter

New to fussy cutting?

This princess hoop uses fussy cut English paper piecing to have fun with fabric prints. If this is new to you, head to our free tutorial to find out all about how fussy cutting works.

What is fussy cutting in quilting


  • EPP = English Paper Piecing.
  • RST = right sides together.
  • Templates don’t include seam allowance.
  • For the template, download our free issue 66 templates set and print out the hexagon shape.

Fabrics used

All fabrics are from the Guinevere  collection by Citrus & Mint Designs for  Riley Blake Designs.


Stock up on supplies!

From the fairytale-themed fabrics to the craftroom essentials like the cutting mat, the thread and the glue pen, EQS have everything you need to make this princess-perfect hoop design…

  • Riley Blake Designs 18 x 24 Inch Cutting Mat Complete with grids on both sides, this self-healing cutting mat is great for long-lasting use and adding a splash of colour to your workspace.
  • Add a Quarter Ruler Make cutting your new favourite process… this handy ruler will help you automatically add flawless seam allowances around your templates, so your hexies are the perfect size!
  • Guinevere by Citrus & Mint Designs for Riley Blake Designs Pick and mix statement prints from this dreamy collection to fussy cut the EPP hexies for your hoop.
  • Sew Simple Rotary Cutter 45mm Join forces with the ruler to ensure your EPP pieces are cut perfectly straight. Sew Simple’s rotary cutters come with a soft grip handle for comfortable cutting.
  • Mettler Silk Finish Cotton thread Seamlessly sew those hexies together with super-smooth thread that will blend in beautifully. Mettler silk finish thread will do just the trick.
  • Sewline Glue Pen Here at LP&Q we’re glue basters, and this little pen is a dream! Keep your EPP papers safely in place with a dash of water soluble, clear-drying adhesive.

To find out more about EQS and view their range of products, visit www.eqsuk.com. To find a stockist near you, call 0116 271 0033 or email customerservice@eqsuk.com

Upcycle something simple like an embroidery hoop for a stylish piece of wall art

Total time:

Preparing the EPP pieces

Step 1

Place one Hexagon template on one of the print 2½in squares and cut around the shape, leaving a ¼in seam allowance around the edges. Repeat for all thirty seven hexagons.

Step 2

Place one Hexagon template on the wrong side of your fabric shape and temporarily secure with a dot of glue. Fold the seam allowance from one edge over onto the paper template and glue in place. Continue working around the hexagon until all seam allowances are glued down (Fig A).

Fussy cutting english paper piecing tutorial detail fig A

Sewing the EPP panel

Step 1

Hand stitch your hexagons together by placing two pieces RST, and whipstitching along one edge (Fig B). 

Fussy cutting english paper piecing tutorial detail fig B

Step 2

Join your hexagons together in rows and then join the rows together to complete your EPP top (Fig C). Press, remove papers and press again.

Fussy cutting english paper piecing tutorial detail fig C

Step 3

Centre the completed EPP panel on top of your backing rectangle, wrong sides together, and baste together with large stitches.

Decorating and finishing

Step 1

Take the embroidery hoop and separate the two rings. Take the outer ring and, using a little fabric glue, secure the end of the white ribbon to the underside at the top of the hoop. Wrap the ribbon around the hoop, making sure to overlap one edge of  the ribbon as you work to cover the  hoop completely (Fig D).

Fussy cutting english paper piecing tutorial detail fig D

Step 2

When you come to the other side of the hoop, trim any remaining ribbon, leaving an extra ½in. Fold the raw edge in by ½in, on the underside of the hoop. Glue in place, then secure with a few hand stitches.

Step 3

Fold a piece of trim in half. Place under the hoop and pass the tails through the loop to secure at the bottom of the hoop (Fig E). Repeat with each length of trim until the desired effect is achieved. Trim the ends to achieve a neat finish.

Fussy cutting english paper piecing tutorial detail fig E

Step 4

Centre the EPP panel over the inner hoop. Place the outer hoop on top of this to secure in place. Make sure none of the hanging ribbons get caught or folded when re-setting the hoop. Tighten the hoop and carefully remove the basting stitches. Trim away any excess fabric at the back to finish the hoop.

Fussy cut english paper piecing hoop