How to make a 60 degree triangles patchwork cushion

Hooray here comes the second in our series of 60-degree triangle patchwork cushion tutorials by the ever-so-clever Jemima Flendt.

patchwork triangles cushion pattern

This is the second in our series of 3 modern patchwork cushions featuring 3 ways to use 60 degree triangles to play with patterns in  your home.

You will need…

See our Modern Arrows Pathwork Cushion for the fabric requirements for the set of three cushions.

If you’re just making this cushion, you’ll need roughly a third of the total requirements but you may need to do a little quilt maths before you go fabric shopping!


  • Seam allowances are ¼in, unless otherwise noted.
  • RST = right sides together.
  • WOF = width of fabric.
  • WST = wrong sides together.
Triangles patchwork pattern

Rectangle cushion: finished size

24½in x 15in approx


Total time:


Cutting out

Step 1

From the white fabric cut three (3) 3½in x WOF strips. Subcut to give thirty (30) 3½in 60-degree triangles.

How to cut out 60 degree triangles

Step 2

From each of nine (9) different print fabrics cut five (5) 3½in 60-degree triangles.

Step 3

From the cushion back fabric cut two (2) 16½in x 15½in rectangles.

Step 4

From the binding fabric cut three (3) 2½in x WOF strips.

Making the cushion

Step 1

Arrange the white and print fabric triangles into five rows of fifteen triangles each. experimenting with different print placements and rotating alternate triangles by 180 degrees so that the triangles tessellate.

Patchwork Cushion Pattern layout diagram

Step 2

Repeat steps 6–12 from the Modern Arrows Patchwork Cushion tutorial to make the cushion top, this time trimming to 25in x 1512in square.

Step 3

Layer the cushion top with the 25in x 1512in batting rectangle and then repeat step 13 from the Modern Arrows Patchwork Cushion tutorial to quilt and bind the cushion.

60 degree patchwork triangles

Step 4

Repeat step 14 from the Modern Arrows Patchwork Cushion tutorial with the 1512in x 1612in rectangles, this time neatening one short edge of each piece.

Step 5

Place the quilted cushion front right side down with the 1512in edges top and bottom. Repeat steps 15–17 from the Modern Arrows Patchwork Cushion tutorial to complete the cushion.

Patchwork cushion back

Complete the Supernova cushion set!

If you like the look of making this traingle-tastic patchwork cushion? Why not make a small cushion and large hexagon cushion to match?

Don’t forget to check out more of Jemima’s designs over at or follow her on instagram @tiedwitharibbon.

How to make a triangles patchwork cushion