Sewing machines are a staple piece of equipment in many crafter’s kits. Dressmaking, sewing and embroidery all use sewing machines but it’s perhaps in quilting that they’re most appreciated.


Quilters across the world use their sewing machines to create bespoke pieces but did you know there’s lots of accessories to help you quilt too? Quilting accessories are designed to help you to stitch faster, neater and more efficiently.

To help you up your quilting game and make the most of your trusty sewing machine, we’ve collected five quilting accessories that will make your life much easier. Each of these accessories can be attached to your machine with a quick snap!

First you need a sewing machine!

​​As the famous saying goes ‘a quilter is only as good as their sewing machine!’ Before you start shopping for quilting accessories you need a reliable sewing machine that is suitable for all types of quilting projects. Luckily for you, we’ve found the perfect one!

The Quilt Expression 720 is a precise, efficient sewing machine that’s great for quilters of all skill levels. The modern colour touch screen has 427 high-quality stitches and shows you how to do a range of exclusive stitch techniques, ideal for both beginners and expert quilters wanting to up their game.

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Its unique IDT system is ideal for quilters too. The Integrated Dual Feed guarantees your fabric will be fed through your machine evenly, from both the top and bottom. It will ensure you get piecing perfection every time! ​​

It has some handy features including a 10” sewing space, allowing you to easily sew large amounts of batting and fabric. It also has an integrated dual feed that pulls the fabric through smoothly, helping you create accurate stitches every time.

The best part? Quilting accessories work brilliantly with the Quilt Expression 720. Browse our collection of quilting accessories below and revolutionise the way you quilt!

5 quilting accessories to make your machine shine!

1. A Quarter inch foot

Quilting accessories 1-4_inch_Foot_with_Guide_for_IDT

Nearly all quilt patterns require a perfect ¼ inch seam and this job just became a whole lot easier thanks to this quilting accessory!

PFAFF’s Perfect ¼ Foot can easily be attached to your sewing machine and will make piecing and topstitching a breeze.

The design of the Perfect ¼ Foot ensures your quilt seams and blocks are all stitched to the same size, making piecing and seam matching much easier.

The oval needle hole also helps with this, as it allows you to adjust your needle for perfect accuracy. Plus, the flat edge helps to guide your fabric while you sew, keeping your seams straight and neat.

2. Stitch in Ditch Foot

Quilting accessories Stitch_in_Ditch_Foot_For_IDT_System

The Stitch-In-Ditch Foot is another brilliant quilting accessory. The guide at the front of the foot makes it super simple to quilt directly along your seam lines for precise, hidden stitches.

We also love the wide design of the foot, which stabilises your fabric and keeps your quilt sandwich flat while you stitch.

This wide design will also prevent your patchwork from distorting while you quilt. Stitching in the ditch creates the perfect base of quilted lines, allowing you to apply more decorative designs after.

3. Open Toe Free Motion Foot

Quilting accessories Open_Toe_Free-motion_Foot

Quilt decorative designs with ease thanks to this nifty quilting accessory! The Open Toe Free-Motion Foot is a transparent foot with an extra-large opening which makes it really easy to see where your needle is going when free-motion quilting.

This clever Open Toe Free-Motion Foot has spring action which prevents the fabric from lifting with the needle. This will help your quilting lines to be both smooth and straight.

The foot also has vertical and horizontal markings on its base to help you to follow any marked lines on your fabric. This is useful for both quilters going free-hand and those using a predetermined design – everyone wants neat stitches!

Try your new quilting accessories out on these sewing techniques!

Head over to our collection of sewing techniques and test out your new accessories.

4. Quilt Table

PFAFF_Quilt Table_820887096 In Action with Quilt

Quilt tables are a must-have quilting accessory. They’re super handy and allow you to extend your work area to hold more of the weight of your quilt.

This quilt table will help take some of the pressure off your arms, shoulders, and hands, giving you a much more enjoyable quilting experience.

The extra space will give you more room too, making it easier for you to manoeuvre your quilt and stitch from all angles. This also benefits your quilting, as the weight is distributed more evenly, creating less drag on your needle.

5. Quilt Binder Attachment


This Quilt Binder Attachment is a unique quilting accessory and will become your sewing machine’s new best friend!

The Quilt Binder Attachment makes the process of binding your quilt much faster. It removes the timely processes of pressing the full length of binding in half before you sew, as well as laboriously sewing the front and back of the binding separately.

Now you can simply clip the Quilt Binder Attachment to your sewing machine and it will add a perfectly even and flat ½in binding to your layers. It’s clever, speedy and a quilting accessory every creative needs.

Accessorise your sewing machine and up your quilting game!

Quilting accessories are a brilliant way of improving your quilting. Just a few small accessories can make your projects neater, easier and much more enjoyable.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, we promise these quilting accessories will change your life!


Start your quilting journey with VSM

To buy all the quilting accessories mentioned in this article head over to PFAFF’s accessories section. There you’ll find lots of useful information and nifty products for your sewing machine.


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