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Quilting Tech Test: Westalee Rulers

Oh happy days we're taking a set of Westalee Ruler Templates out for a test drive today – here's how we got on playing around with these nifty quilting tools.

How to use Westalee Ruler Templates

This month, our friends over at The Cotton Patch have sent us some much-sought-after Westalee Ruler Templates to play with, and so that’s exactly what we’re doing in the office today. These popular quilting templates work by inserting a special quilting foot to your machine, which then follows the guide of the templates shapes to quilt the neatest of shapes, curves and patterns. They’ve been hugely in demand since they launched in the UK, and our Technical Editor (and all-round quilt pro) Laura has been testing out the templates in the office today. She’s already hooked!


Freehand quilting with a helping hand

“Free-motion quilting can be tricky to master so these templates are an excellent tool to enhance your home quilting skills and open up new creative options,” Laura reported back after testing out the templates on a quilt in progress. “With just a little practise, you’ll be quilting neat professional looking shapes in no time. We love that you can mix and match designs, such as clamshells and spirals, to take your quilting to the next level.”

How to use Westalee Rulers

Level up your quilting with quilting stencils

If you’re interested in trying out different kit to increase your quilting repertoire, check out our post with tips for using quilting stencils and freemotion quilting.

How to use quilting stencils

Here’s one we made earlier… the templates have been designed to work together to create kaleidoscope quilt designs, as well as clamshells and curves.

How do you use Westalee Rulers

Fancy giving it a go?