Sew Modern Bear Paw Quilt Blocks Patterns

Sneak peek alert! Feast your eyes on the latest quilt block in our Paws and Pluses sewalong! We're bringing you a new quilt block every month to help build your skills and create an eye-catching, modern medallion quilt, block by block.

Paws and Pluses Sewalong pattern

Starting from issue 75, every issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine is featuring a new quilt block from the Paws and Pluses series by Sarah Griffiths. We kicked things off in issue 75 with the centre design (scroll down to see), and we’ll be adding every new block in the series to this gallery of quilt blocks to inspire you to sew modern Bear Paw Quilt blocks. You can find the links to where to get each of these patterns below too!


We’re excited to reveal the latest block in the series – out next week with issue 82. Scroll down to see!


This post is for everyone who’s joining in at home. Keep reading to find out how much fabric you’ll need to make the whole quilt, see the finished quilt diagram and discover Sarah’s top tips for sewing your quilt.

So, what’s the story?

This medallion quilt will feature modern adaptations of the Bear Paw block, as well as a plus block throughout. We started in issue 75 with the centre of the quilt, and then in our coming issues we’ll talk you through how to sew up the outer rounds. Feature blocks for each of the rounds will be made up over six issues, with two colourways for each. Then towards the end, we’ll move on to the borders and finish up the quilt.

The Bear Paw block features plenty of Half Square-Triangles, and throughout the series Sarah will take you through several different methods to make these blocks – this way you’ll get to try out new techniques as we go. However, if you want to make your triangles using a different method, it’s fine to stick with your favourite way of piecing them. Your fabric requirements may alter slightly if you do this, so you might want to order a bit of extra fabric to be on the safe side, although we’ve allowed some margin in our requirements below to allow for this too.

If you’d like to sew along with us for this series, show us how you’re getting on! Share your finished blocks using the hashtag #pawsandplusessewalong.

What will the finished quilt look like?

To help give you an idea of how the finished quilt will look, here’s a sneak peak at our quilt layout diagram.

Paws and Pluses Quilt Pattern Layout Diagram

Finished size

84in square

You will need

To make the entire quilt:

  • Dark Blue (Pacific) ¾yd
  • Medium Blue (Algeria) ¾yd
  • Light Blue (Lake) ¾yd
  • Dark Green (Ultra Marine) ¾yd
  • Medium Green (Cypress) ¾yd
  • Light Green (Ice Frappe) 1yd
  • Dark Yellow (Curry) ¾yd
  • Medium Yellow (Duckling) ½yd
  • Light Yellow (Bright Idea) ½yd
  • Dark Red (Sangria) ¾yd
  • Medium Red (Watermelon) ¾yd
  • Light Red (Creamsicle) ¾yd
  • White (includes binding) 7yds
  • Batting: 88in square
  • Backing fabric (at least 45in wide): 5yds

Sarah’s top tips for sewing this series

  • We’re making our blocks entirely from Kona Cotton Solids here on the Love Patchwork & Quilting team, so if you’re using prints at home, you may need slightly more yardage if you want to fussy cut or match prints in the correct direction.
  • Make sure to sew a test seam, and check you’re sewing an exact ¼in seam. Adjust the position of your needle as necessary.
  • With medallion quilts, it’s important to reach the exact measurements between rounds. So it’s a good idea to check the measurements of blocks and borders as you work to make sure everything is matching up. It’s easier to fix blocks at the beginning than to keep sewing and just hope for the best! If you don’t check as you go, you may find by the time you reach the outer border, things could stop lining up correctly.
  • Press your Half-square Triangle seams to one side, so they will nest when you’re sewing a larger block together. This allows you to hit any points exactly without using pins. However, if you’re struggling with this, you can also press seams open and match points with pins. We always encourage people to try different methods, until they find the method that works best for them.

Catch up on the series so far…

Each month we’ll add the latest blocks to this post so you can refer to this as a design library to find all the blocks featured and grab the instructions for the ones you’ve missed from our past issues!

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