DIY Wimbledon strawberries

Sew up your own little DIY Wimbledon strawberries for summer!

DIY Wimbledon strawberries

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon AKA the season of cream, strawberries and sun, we’ve uploaded this little tutorial for felt Wimbledon strawberries. Created by avid sewist Samantha Stas, these little strawberries will make a great addition to your keys.

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You will need…

  • Felt in red and medium green
  • Strawberries template
  • Embroidery thread in pale yellow, red and green
  • Fabric glue
  • Soft toy stuffing
  • Water soluble pen

DIY Wimbledon strawberries


You Will Need

  • Felt
  • Matching thread
  • Toy stuffing

Total time:

Step 1

When cutting out the templates, you may prefer to fold over the felt and cut two at once, as felt is much easier to cut on the double.

Step 2

Sew little dashes over the red semi-circle using the pale yellow thread to create the seeds.


Step 3

DIY Wimbledon strawberries step 2

Next, fold the semi-circle in half along the straight edge, right sides (RS) together, to make a pizza wedge shape. Machine or hand sew the straight edge to make a cone shape. Turn RS out.

Step 4

DIY Wimbledon strawberries step 3

Sew a line of running stitch along the top of your strawberry shape using red thread. Do not fasten off. Stuff your shape while leaving it threaded up, being sure to get right into the pointed tip of the strawberry.

Step 5

DIY Wimbledon strawberries step 4

Set this aside to make the stem. Fold the green felt along the length and, using green thread, machine or hand sew a line down as close to the fold as possible. Sewing a long line in one single go is easier than sewing each stem piece individually.

Step 6

Trim along the green line of stitching to make a thinner piece for the stems. Cut a piece off around 4cm (15/8“) long and dab a little fabric glue on one end. Pop this end into the middle of the strawberry shape and stuffing. Leave to dry for a few minutes. 

Step 7

DIY Wimbledon strawberries step 5

Once dry, gather the top of the strawberry together tightly, shaping it as you go. Fasten off the threads, then sew back and forth through the stem and gathers to ensure a good closure. Take your little green felt ‘star’ shape and make a small nick in the centre with a sharp pair of scissors. Push the stem through this hole and secure the cap with a few stitches or fabric glue.


To make a keyring, loop a ribbon through the ring then glue it to the fruit. Attach onto your keys and take your strawberries off to Wimbledon with you!