Free alphabet sewing pattern

Sew your very own ABC with this sweet soft alphabet set by Manda McGrory – use it to add a personal touch to nurseries and living rooms or whip up a bag for tidying up when playtime’s over.

Alphabet sewing pattern

Make a softie A-Z using just a few small pieces of fabric, your sewing kit and some stuffing with our free alphabet sewing pattern. Pair pretty prints with a simple backing fabric from your stash.

Choose between sewing the full set or just spell out a name or word of your choice for nursery decor, party decorations or to add a homespun touch to your home. If you’re making these for children in the family, sew the full alphabet and we’ll also show you how to make a sweet and simple-to-sew drawstring bag is perfect for storing your alphabet set.

Free alphabet sewing pattern
Whip up a special set for a personalised gift – it’s so easy to design your very own templates!

Fabric requirements

To make the full alphabet, you’ll need

  • Twenty-six (26) scraps of fabric, each 6in square (for fronts)
  • Twenty-six (26) scraps backing fabric, each 6in square

Or adjust to spell out just the letters you want to make!


All seam allowances are a scant ¼in, unless otherwise stated.

Finished Size

4in square (per letter)

Alphabet sewing pattern

Softie alphabet sewing pattern


You Will Need

  • Cotton fabric (For the letter fronts and backing), See project notes
  • Fusible Fleece (2yds)
  • Polyester filling
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Thread

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

Use a text editor (like Word, Notepad or Illustrator) to print out letter templates. Choose a font you like and type in the first letter. Change the size of the font to achieve the size you want and print out to check. Once you are happy, type in the rest of your letters and print out. Cut out each letter.

We used Gill Sans Ultra Bold with a font size of 450 to get letters about 4in square. You can make the letters any size you want, but will need more fabric for larger letters.

Step 2

Cut out the first letter. Then turn the template over to mark out a second one on paper so that the two letters will be mirror images of each other. Cut out. Repeat for each letter.

Step 3

Cut out fleece letters, using all fifty-two (52) templates and leaving any central holes uncut (as on A, D, etc), and iron on to the back of your fabric scraps. Make sure that the letter is the correct way around on your top fabric, with the reverse letters on your backing fabric.

Step 4

Cut out fabric letters, front and back pieces, still keeping central holes uncut.

Step 5

Lay the templates on top of the cut out letter and trace any inner markings, using a water soluble pen (Fig a).

Alphabet sewing pattern Figure A
Figure A

Assembling the letters

Step 6

Place your front and back letters right sides together and stitch around the edges, making sure to leave a gap for turning (Fig b).

Alphbaet sewing pattern figure B
Figure B

Step 7

On letters with curves make sure to clip around the curves (Fig c).

Alphabet sewing pattern Figure C
Figure C

Step 8

Carefully turn the right way out, making sure to push out the corners.

Step 9

On the letters that have inner markings, stitch on the line you have drawn (Fig d).

Alphabet sewing pattern Figure D
Figure D

Step 10

Carefully stuff the letters with polyester filling and slip stitch the gap closed.

How to sew a linen bag

How to make a drawstring bag to keep your letters in

Step 11

You will need

  • Two (2) pieces of  linen, each 15in square
  • Three (3) print fabric scraps, each 4in square
  • Cord, 40in long
  • Fusible web 8in x 24in

Finished Size

12in square approx


  • All raw fabric edges should be finished with either an overlocker or a zigzag stitch, to prevent fraying.
  • The linen is a linen/cotton blend and is available online at Celtic Fusion Fabrics 

Adding the appliqué letters

Step 12

With the two linen pieces right sides together, sew down one edge, creating one long piece of linen. This will be the left side seam of your finished bag.

Step 13

Follow step 1 of the Soft Alphabet instructions (above) to create appliqué letter templates. Trace the letters onto fusible web, making sure that the letter templates are face down (so that they are the right way up when cut out of fabric).

Step 14

Cut around each letter roughly and iron on to the wrong side of 3 scraps of fabric – you could match the fabrics used for your soft alphabet (Fig a).

Alphabet toy bag Figure A
Figure A

Step 15

Cut out carefully along the lines, including inner letter areas (Fig b).

Alphabet toy bag DIY Figure B
Figure B

Step 16

Decide where you want the appliqué letters to be on the front piece of your drawstring bag and iron in place. (Fig c)

Alphabet toy bay pattern Figure C
Figure C

Step 17

Zigzag stitch around the appliqué letters to stop the raw edges from fraying.

Assemble the bag

Step 18

Along the two short sides of your bag fabric, fold and press 1/8in to the wrong side. Baste in place, if desired.

Step 19

To create the channel for the drawstring, fold and press the long top edge (check your letters are facing the right way here) by ¼in to the wrong side, then fold over again by 1in and press.

Step 20

Stitch along the edge of the channel, encasing the raw edge and leaving the ends open. Backstitch at the beginning and end to secure (Fig d).

Alphabet toy bag Figure D
Figure D

Step 21

Fold the bag in half, right sides together, along the central seam line. Stitch along the bottom and side, stopping at your line of channel stitching and backstitching at both ends.

Step 22

Turn right side out. Attach a piece of  cord to a safety pin and thread through the channel. Knot the ends of the cord together to finish.

Alphabet sewing pattern project