Free apron sewing pattern

Gift the star baker in your life Jennie Jones' contrast trim half apron (and hopefully they'll repay you in cake). Follow our easy steps for how to make an apron.

Free apron sewing pattern

This project is the latest in our free beginners sewing tutorials, as part of our Fast Fat Quarter series of easy sewing patterns that you can make with just a couple of fat quarters of fabric. You’ll only need two fat quarters of fabric to make it.

Free apron sewing pattern

How to sew an apron

You will need

  • Main fabric: fat quarter
  • Contrast fabric: fat quarter
  • Basic sewing kit


  • Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance.
How to make an apron supplies

Total time:


Easy-sew apron: step-by-step

Cutting out

Step one: Cut the main fabric to 36x55cm (1418x2158in).

Step two: From the contrast fabric cut out the following pieces:
Waistband and ties: five strips, 6x56cm (238x22in) each.
Skirt trim: one strip, 20x56cm (778x22in).

Free apron sewing pattern step 1

Making the apron skirt

Step one:Turn the short edges of the main fabric under by 5mm (14in) then 5mm (14in) again and press. Stitch into place to hem.

Step two: Fold it in half widthways to find the centre and then fold again to find the quarters and mark these points.

Step three: Make a box pleat 1cm (38in) wide at the quarter points. Pin, press and sew.

Step four: Pin the skirt trim to the bottom of the main piece, right sides (RS) together.

Free apron sewing pattern step 2

Step five: Sew into place. Press the seams open then downwards towards the trim.

Assembling the skirt trim

Step one: Fold the bottom raw edge of the skirt trim under by 1cm (38in), press then pin.

Step two: Fold this RS together so that the turned-under edge meets the stitched seam of the main fabric and press.

Step three: Sew the folded strip together along the side edges of the strip.

Free apron sewing pattern step 3

Step four: Trim the seams then turn RS out.

Step five: Topstitch the top edge of the strip into place.

Free apron sewing pattern step 4

Making the waistband and ties

Step one: Place two of the strips RS facing at right angles and draw a line diagonally across them, then stitch along this line.

Free apron sewing pattern step 5

Step two: Trim the seam and press it open.

Step three: Repeat this to join all five strips together to make one long strip.

Step four: Fold the long strip in half lengthways with RS facing and press.

Step five: Stitch together along the short edges and long raw edge, but leaving the central strip unstitched.

Step six: Turn RS out then turn the edges of the central strip under 1cm (38in) to the WS.

Attaching the skirt

Step one: Tuck the top raw edge of the apron skirt inside the central waistband section and pin into place.

Free apron sewing pattern step 6

Step two: Topstitch along the bottom edge of the tie and waistband, stitching across the pinned central section to hold the apron skirt into place and to decorate.