How to make a baby’s sleeping bag

Pyjamas on, plushies out – it's time to cosy up in Angela Umpleby's quilted sleeping bag, made for little dreamers aged eight and under.

baby sleeping bag pattern

Follow Angela Umpleby’s pattern to make a cosy sleeping bag with a matching case for a little one. Perfect for sleepovers, camping adventures, or duvet days!

Fabric used

The fabrics used are from Reverie Fusion by Art Gallery Fabrics. Entryways; Sprayed Blooms.


  • Use a 1cm (3/8in) seam allowance.
  • This sleeping bag will fit a child up to eight years old.
  • The fabric quantities are given as exact measurements but you may need to buy more if you need to pattern match.
  • If you can’t find a small pillow, adjust a standard size to fit by working a zigzag stitch across the width and length then cutting off the excess.

You Will Need

  • Fabric, main fabric: 3mx112cm (31/4ydsx44in); lining fabric: 3mx112cm (31/4ydsx44in)
  • Zip, open-ended, 180cm (70in)
  • Wadding, 4oz, 3mx75cm (31/4ydsx30in)
  • Drawstring cord, 80cm (31in)
  • Pillow, 25x35cm (10x14in)

Cutting out

Step 1

Cut the main fabric as follows:

  • Sleeping bag outer: cut one piece 143x111cm (56x44in), cut one piece 143x34cm (56×12¾in)
  • Sack: 54x72cm (21x28in)

Cut the contrast fabric as follows:

  • Sleeping bag lining: cut one piece 143x111cm (56x44in), cut one piece 143x34cm (56×12¾in)
  • Pillowcase front: 30x50cm (12x20in)
  • Pillowcase back: 30x40cm (12x16in)

Preparing the fabric

Step 2

Place the two sleeping bag outer pieces right sides (RS) facing and stitch together down the length then press the seam open.

Step 3

Draw around a cup on each corner and cut along the curve to round them off.

Step 4

Join the two pieces of fabric for the sleeping bag lining and round off the corners in the same way.

Inserting the zip

Step 5

Measure and mark the centre point of the bottom edge of the outer fabric square.

Step 6

Open the zip and pin each of the lower ends of the zip 6cm (238in) either side of the marked centre point. The zip tape should be RS together with the fabric.

baby's sleeping bag sewing pattern

Step 7

Pin the zip tape into place one side at a time. Start from the lower end of the zip, curving it around the corner of the fabric and up the long edge to finish part way down from the top. Make sure that the top edges of each side of the zip are at exactly the same position on either side so the zip does up evenly.

How to make a baby's sleeping bag 02

Step 8

Using a zip foot, stitch the zip into place on either side within the seam allowance.

Joining the wadding

Step 9

Cut the wadding in half across the width then lay the two pieces side by side so the long edges butt up against each other.

Step 10

Stitch the edges together by hand by working a stitch into one piece then across into the other, making sure they don’t overlap.

How to make a baby's sleeping bag 03

Assembling the bag

Step 11

Lay the outer and lining fabric pieces RS together, sandwiching the zip between them on the sides and bottom edge.

Step 12

Lay the wadding on top and pin together carefully around all four edges.

baby's sleeping bag pattern

Step 13

Sew together all the way around, leaving an 45cm (18in) turning gap on the top edge without the zip. Turn the bag RS out.

Step 14

Fold the edges of the turning gap to the inside and press then slipstitch closed.

Quilting the bag

Step 15

Safety pin or tack the three layers together all over.

baby's sleeping bag pattern

Step 16

Quilt together in whatever pattern you choose. Use a ruler and tailors chalk, working from the centre outwards.

baby's sleeping bag pattern

Step 17

Start quilting from the centre of the quilt, following your marked lines and using a walking foot on your machine if you have one. Keep the quilt slightly taut while you sew by holding each side of the fabric.

Step 18

When you have finished quilting, topstitch around the edge of the fabric close to the zip to hold the layers together.

child's sleeping bag sewing pattern

Making the pillowcase

Step 19

Turn one short end of the pillowcase front under by 1cm (38in) to the wrong side (WS) then the same again and press. Stitch this double fold into place to hem. Repeat this with the pillowcase back.

Step 20

Put the pillowcase front and back RS together, matching the raw short edges.

Step 21

Fold the hemmed edge of the pillowcase front over the pillowcase back so the back hemmed edge is inside and goes right up to the fold and pin together.

child's sleeping bag sewing pattern

Step 22

Stitch the three open sides together, leaving the top fold unstitched.

Step 23

Turn RS out and press.

child's sleeping bag pattern

Assembling the sack

Step 24

Fold the sack fabric in half widthways, matching raw edges, and pin together.

Step 25

Starting at the top of the side edge, stitch the seam for 4cm (158in), then backstitch and cut the thread.

baby's sleeping bag pattern


Step 26

Start stitching again 3cm (1¼in) below this to leave a gap for the draw cord and continue down the side and across the bottom.

Step 27

Turn the top raw edges over by 1cm (38in) to the WS then over by 3cm (1¼in).

Step 28

Stitch the casing in place along the bottom edge.

baby's sleeping bag pattern

Boxing the corners

Step 29

With the sack WS out, pinch the bottom of one side between each thumb and finger, gently pull the sides apart and flatten the corner so that the bottom seam is exactly on top of the side seam.

Step 30

Finger-press the seams open and pin well to secure. Measure 5cm (2in) down from the point and mark a line across the corner.

Step 31

Stitch along the marked line, backstitching at each end to secure the seam.

Step 32

Trim the seam, neaten the raw edges then repeat this on the opposite corner.

baby's sleeping bag sewing pattern

Step 33

Turn the sack RS out and press.

Finishing off

Step 34

Thread the cord through the casing and tie the ends in a knot.

Step 35

Fold the sleeping bag in half, roll it up and stuff into the sack. You can fit the pillow in too, then pull up the drawstring to close.


baby's sleeping bag