How to make a doorstop

If you like Piña’ll love Rebecca Reid’s pineapple doorstop for a summery home update.

pineapple sewing pattern

Add a tropical twist to a room with this cute pineapple doorstop project. It’s pretty, practical, and a nice easy-sew.


Materials used

  • Fabric A: Scattered Showers, Warm. From Day Trip by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics.
  • Fabric B: Plotted Farm Spices. From Spices Fusion by AGF Studio.
  • Fabric C: Magija, Olive. From Tallinn by Jessica Swift for Art Gallery Fabrics. Visit
  • Fabric D: Linea. Green 1525/G. From Makower. 

Seam allowance

  • Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

You Will Need

  • Fabric, fabric A: 25x55cm (10x22in);fabric B: 25x40cm (10x16in);fabric C: 65x90cm (26x35in); Fabric d: 65x90cm (26x35in)
  • Wadding, 65x90cm (26x35in)
  • Polyester fibrefill
  • Doorstop filing, plastic pellets 1kg

Total time:

Cutting out

Step 1

Download, print and cut out the templates for the pineapple body, pineapple base, large leaf, medium leaf and small leaf.

Step 2

From Fabric A cut:

  • Pineapple body: 25x40cm (10x16in)
  • Pineapple base: one from the base template

Step 3

From Fabric C cut:

  • Large leaves outer: 24x45cm (9½x18in)
  • Medium leaves outer: 40x40cm (16x16in)
  • Small leaves outer: 32x45cm (13x18in)

Step 4

From Fabric D cut:

  • Large leaves lining: 24x45cm (9½x18in)
  • Medium leaves lining: 40x40cm (16x16in)
  • Small leaves lining: 32x45cm (13x18in)
  • Rim: two pieces 5x40cm (2x16in)

Step 5

From the wadding cut:

  • Pineapple base: one from the base template
  • Large leaves: 24x45cm (9½x18in)
  • Medium leaves: 40x40cm (16x16in)
  • Small leaves: 32x45cm (13x18in)

Making the pineapple body

Step 6

Place one Fabric A pineapple body piece right sides (RS) together with one rim strip, lining up the long top edge and matching raw edges. Stitch together then press the seam upwards towards the rim fabric.

Step 7

Repeat this with the Fabric B pineapple body and other rim strip.

How to make a doorstop

Step 8

Place the pineapple body template on top of the Fabric A joined fabric piece, lining up the marked seam line on the template with the seam line of the fabrics. You need to cut three of the pineapple body pieces from this, so position it so you can draw around the template three times.

Step 9

Cut three pineapple body pieces from the Fabric B joined piece to make six pineapple body pieces in total.

How to make a doorstop

Step 10

Place one Fabric A body RS together with one Fabric B body and stitch together  down one side, matching the rim strip seams.

Step 11

Stitch the other pineapple body pieces in pairs to make three pairs.

How to make a doorstop

Step 12

Stitch the pairs together to make a ring of alternating pineapple body pieces.

Attaching the base

Step 13

Staystitch around the bottom edge of the pineapple body just inside the seam allowance then clip up to the staystitching. This will make the base easier to attach.

pineapple sewing pattern

Step 14

Place the base fabric RS up on top of the base wadding and stitch together all the way around within the seam allowance.

Step 15

Fold to mark the quarter points of the bottom edge of the body and the quarter points of the base.

Step 16

Pin the base RS together around the bottom edge of the body, matching the quarter points pieces, then stitch together.

How to make a doorstep pineapple step 5

Finishing the rim

Step 17

Turn the top raw edge of the rim under by 1cm (38in) to the wrong side (WS) and press.

Step 18

Fold it under again to meet up with the seam and encase the raw edges of the rim and pineapple body pieces.

Step 19

Stitch the rim into place.

How to make a doorstep pineapple step 6

Stuffing the pineapple

Step 20

Fill the pineapple with plastic pellets. It’s best to pour these into a plastic bag or fabric bag first and knot the top to secure.

Step 21

Add polyester fibrefill on top of and around the heavy filling to keep its rounded shape, filling it right to the top.

How to make a doorstop

Making the leaves

Step 22

Take the large leaf template and the Fabric C large leaf piece. Draw around the template on the WS of the fabric five times, leaving a gap of at least 2cm (¾in) between each drawn leaf.

Step 23

Place the marked Fabric C piece RS together with the Fabric D large leaf piece. Place these on top of the large leaf wadding and pin.

Step 24

Stitch the three layers together around each of the drawn leaf outlines, but leaving the bottom straight edges unstitched.

Step 25

Cut out each leaf 5mm (¼in) outside the stitching and across the drawn bottom straight edge.

pineapple sewing pattern

Step 26

Turn a leaf RS out through the gap in the bottom and press flat.

Step 27

Topstitch a vein centrally up the leaf, finishing two thirds of the way up then stitch across the bottom edge to hold together.

Pineapple sewing pattern

Step 28

Repeat this to make all the leaves using the relevant pieces of fabric and wadding. You need to make eight medium leaves and ten small leaves.

Joining the leaves

Step 29

Place all the leaves out flat, with the Fabric D lining side facing up. The large leaves should be on the left, then the medium leaves and finally the small leaves.

Step 30

Overlap the bottom edges of the leaves by 2cm (¾in) then pin and stitch together to make one long row of joined leaves.

How to make a doorstep pineapple step 10

Step 31

Starting with the long leaves, roll up the row of joined leaves along the bottom edges and pin together.

How to make a doorstop

Step 32

The leaves need to fit exactly into the top rim of the pineapple so put the roll inside to check it’s correct and adjust by rolling it tighter or looser if needs be.

Step 33

To hold the row of leaves together, oversew by hand around the bottom edges so they are securely held together in a roll.

Finishing off

Step 34

Insert the roll of leaves into the top rim of the pineapple so the top edge of the rim comes 2cm (¾in) above the bottom raw edge of the leaves and pin into place.

Step 35

Slipstitch the leaves to the rim. Work around them twice so the leaves are firmly secured into place.

Pineapple sewing pattern

Step 36

For added strength, work some hand stitches through the leaves from one side to the other, using a long needle and making sure you keep the stitches neat so they can’t be seen.